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Week of the poach control took place in Moldova

On the eve of the starting hunting season the week of the poach control took place in Moldova. It was accomplished by policemen, Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources employees, «Moldsilva» agency employees and members of Community of hunters and fishermen.

Within a week there were detected 160 violations of ecological legislation. 500 people were art and part in those. There were drawn up the reports on administrative responsibility in 76 cases. There were weapons and other object for illegal hunting or fishing withdrawn.

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Grapes variety “Moldova” wins the new countries

In the republic the late grapes for table use harvest time starts. The major part of grapes for table use is taken up by the variety “Moldova” which occupies 8.5 thousands of hectares.

This grapes variety was bred by National Institute of grapes and wine. Vice-director of the Institution, Tudor Cazacu, noticed that sweet bunches of “Moldova” are under cultivation not only in Moldova but also in neighbor Romania, Russia and Ukraine. In these countries the plantations occupy more than 8 thousands hectares.

This grapes variety is also under cultivation on the small areas of Poland, American state California, Italy. The evidence suggests that “Moldova” gives stable harvests and preserves its taste and nutritional qualities till the middle of the next year.

In the republic “Moldova” is under cultivation for almost 2 decades and gives for about 12-14 tons of sweet berries from hectare.

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Minister of Trade, Industry and Tourism of the Republic of Cyprus comes to Moldova

On Wednesday Minister of Trade, Industry and Tourism of the Republic of Cyprus, Antonis Mikaelides, comes to Moldova with the official visit.

A group of businessmen comes to Moldova together with the Minister. These businessmen have the possibility to make a business contact with local colleagues on the economical forum.

There will be discussed possibilities of developing business relations among the countries, attraction of Cyprus investments to the national economics, collaboration within European Union. Moldovan businessmen will get acquainted with the Cyprus possibilities which where reached by the country after joining EU.

In January–July 2007 the volume of foreign trade with Cyprus amounted $US 830 600. It is 25.5 per cent more that the same period of the previous year.

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Training exercises "Nord-2007" open on the training base "Bulboaca"

Peace-support exercises started on the training base "Bulboaca". They will take place from 10 September to 15 September.

100 soldiers from Moldova and Ukraine take part in the training exercises. Soldiers will practice interaction in realization the compined humanitarian operation in the supposed zone of conflict.

The first trainings of such kind were performed in 1998 on the training range "Wide Liang" in Ukraine.

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Center for learning Azerbaijanian language will be open in Comrat State University

Center for learning Azerbaijanian language will be open soon in Comrat State University in Gagauzia. Such decision was taken during the visit of ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary of Azerbaijan, Isfandiar Vagabzade, to Moldova.

According to diplomat, opening of the center stands for better acquaintance of University students with history and today achievements of Azerbaijan. They will learn language which is cognate to Gagauz language native for many of them.

Employees of the embassy of Azerbaijan gave the center computer and office appliances, reference literature and fiction in Azerbaijanian.

There are centers for learning German, English and Greek already working in Comrat State University.

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Moldovan artist Olga Pavlova will take place in vernissage in Vienna

Moldovan artist Olga Pavlova will take place in the exhibition "Art and collaboration", which will open on Tuesday in Palais Porcia in the center of Austrian capital city Vienna.

Vernissage is organized by Austrian agency for development and organization "Cultural contacts". Here will be presented works of 5 more artists from Eastern European countries: Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Macedonia.

Six works by Moldovan artist were chosen for vernissage by organizers. These works were painted by Olga Pavlova in the different periods of her creative work; however they all are accomplished by abstract pencil.

Within 2 last months this is the third international project Olga takes place in. In July she participated in charity project by Hattie van der Linden "Draw Your Future". In August Olga took part in exhibition of computer graphics where she presented works dedicated to climate change on the Earth.

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International Book Salon will take place in Chisinau

International Book Salon will take place in Chisinau from 31 August to 10 September. Its program includes book presentations, mettings with readers, exhibitions of artists and sculptors. The topics are "Moldovan gospodars", "Computer graphics", "Old Chisinau", "Reproductions of N. Rerich works" and other.

Exhibition-fair will be open every day from 10.00 to 17.00 in the National Library where visitors may buy books of high quality for reasonable price.

Salon is organized by Ministry of Education and Youth, Ministry of Culture and Tourism and National Library.

President of Moldova still gets congratulations to Independence day of the republic

Yesterday Moldova celebrated its Independence Day. President of the republic still gets congratulations to national holiday – Independence Day.

He was congratulated by the president of Swiss Confederation, Micheline Calmy-Rey, who wishes to the president of Moldova and the whole nation health and prosperity.

Nursultan Nazarbaev congratulated the President of Moldova from all Kazakh people. He said he hopes that friendly relationships among our countries will continue and develop in the future. He wished to the Moldovan President health and big success and to the Moldovan people – peace and prosperity.

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Moldova and Latvia will collaborate in the sphere of Information Technologies

Intergovernmental agreement about collaboration in IT sphere was signed by Moldova and Latvia this Friday.

The agreement was signed by Minister of Information Development of RM, Vladimir Molojen, and Minister for special commissions in the electronic management affairs of Latvia, Inna Gudele, who came to Moldova with 2-days visit.

After the official ceremony of signing the document both sides made their comments for mass-media. Ministers of both countries notified that this agreement is not just an important step on the way for consolidation of collaboration in IT sphere but also is an impulse for future economics development.

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In Moldova construction of new steam-electric plant will start

Construction od new stem-electric plant with the with the power of 165 Mwatt will start on the north of the republic.

According to Minister of Economics and Trade, Igor Dodon, on the latest Government meeting they received permission to start conversations for calling investors for this project.

More than 200 000 million euro are required for construction new steam-electric plant

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In Chisinau international conference dedicated to 90 anniversary of widely-known Moldovan beekeeper, Veaceslav Harnaj

On 19th August, on their professional holiday, beekeepers of Moldova held the international conference dedicated to 90 anniversary of widely-known Moldovan beekeeper, Veaceslav Harnaj.

Participants of the conference remarked that Veaceslav Harnaj, who was born in the village Baimaclia of Causani district, spent the most of his life in Romania. He became a specialist in beekeeping soon after he started to be interested in it.

During his life Harnaj issued more than 130 scientific papers about beekeeping which were translated into 6 languages. In 1965-1985 he was the president of International Association of beekeepers "Apimondia". He was well-known among beekeepers from Russia, Ukraine, Japan, France, Italy, Spain and some other countries.

Nowadays the school in the native village of Veaceslav Harnaj is named after him and also the lyceum and university in Romania. In his native village the house-museum "Veaceslav Harnaj" is being prepared for opening.

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Photo galery of National Museum of Ethnography and Natural History is added

The article about National Museum of Ethnography is added

The National Museum of Ethnography and Natural History is the oldest museum in Moldova. It is located in Chisinau, the capital of the country. It was founded in October 1889 by initiative of Baron A. Stuart.

At the beginning it was museum of agriculture and was situated in another building. The name of museum has changed for several times however the main idea - research of nature and culture of Bessarabia - had never changed. The building of museum was constructed in 1903-1905 by the project of architect V. Taganco. This is the building the museum is situated in till present day.

Nowadays the museum is an important scientific and cultural center of Bessarabia which is also known abroad.

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We all are the family

"We all are the family" - this is the headline of traveling photo-exhibition which opened in the expo-center named in honor of Constantin Brincusi. It was organized by Chisinau branch of World Spiritual University "Brahma Kumaris".

On the exhibition there are shown works by amateur photographers. These are people who had been to different international congresses organized by the University and they saw through their lens beautiful and happy faces, wonderful landscapes and interesting genre turns.

Among the authors from Kazahstan and Ukraine there are also some from Moldova: Gutiera Postolaki, Viktoria Gherman, Ivan Ialinji and others.

116 splendid photos are waiting for their spectators till 16th August.

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Live Music Festival "Vadul-lui-Woodstock - 2007" will take place in Vadul-lui-Voda

The second Live Music Festival "Vadul-lui-Woodstock - 2007" will take place in Vadul-lui-Voda on 10th August.

This music event will take place on the territory between the hotel of Footbal Federation of Moldova and the restaurant "Hanul-lui-Cazacu".

20 groups from both Dniester coasts claimed to take part in it. Such bands from Chisinau as "Edict", "Improviz Quintet Feodor Iachimuc" will show their musical compositions. Musicians from Dubosari – "Integro" and from Romania – "Grimus" will also participate in the festival.

The festival will last 2 days. It's organizers are association "Artcord" and Center fore resources and human rights "Credo".

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"Moldova-Vin" recommends to Russian experts to visit 31 wine companies of the republic

This week a group of Russian experts, which was formed by the order by the head of Russian Agency for Health and Consumer Rights, comes to the Republic of Moldova. The aim of the visit is checking the wine companies, which pretend to restart the export of alcoholic drinks to Russia.

Experts of agro-industrial agency “Moldova-Vin” prepared a list of wine companies which are recommended for visiting.

The agency clarified that companies which had the bigger export to Russia in 2005 before the embargo was introduced were included to the list.

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The article about National Museum of History is added

National Museum of History of Moldova was established in 1983. The building of the museum is a building of the first men’s Regional Lyceum in Bassarabia. In front of the museum there’s a copy of famous statue of Roman She-wolf with Romulus and Remus.

The museum includes 10 exhibition halls, 3 of which have domes, and diorama. It preserves almost 300 000 items which show visitors history and culture of Moldova (or what was on this territory) from ancient times till nowadays. About 165 000 of exhibits belong to national heritage of Moldova.

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Bank credits are popular amoung domestic businessmen

In Moldova number of credits given increased to 2,6% according to data on 1st July 2007. This is 414,8 million more than January-June 2006. The overall amount of credits reached 16,471 million.

National Bank has the information that the major part of credits is taken by private enterprizes both in national and foreign currency. They've credited funds for 296,7 million leus in foreign currency and 79,3 million in national currency.The most popular among legal bodies are credits with duration till 12 months. There are 57,6 % in national and 80,2 % in foreign currency with duration till 12 months.

Credits to persons also increased in amount for 44,2 million or to 1,6 %.

The average bank rate for credits is 18,98 % in national currency and 11,01% in foreign currency.

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Singer from Moldova is on the third place of "New Wave" competition according to the first day results

According to the results of first day of the International Music Festival for young singers "New Wave - 2007" which started in the Latvian city, Yurmala, Moldovan singer Natalia Gordienco is on the third place. This is what "News-Moldova" informs about with the reference to official site of the competition.

On the third place there is also singer from Belarus Polina Smolova and representative from Poland Marina. They all have 100 points. The leaders are Ukrainian duet "Barcelona" (106 points) and Latvian competitor Erglis (103 points). There are 18 singers from 14 countries who look forward to win.

The next days competitors will show their skills by singing Russian hit and a song from their own repertoire.

Jury of the competition includes Laima Vaicule, Lev Leshenco, Nicolai Bascov, Alla Pugacheva, Igor Krutoi, Raimond Pauls who on July 30 will announce the name of the winner.

Prize fund of the competition amounts $120 000.

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New article about Tipova was added

Tipova is a village located 100 km (62.14 miles) to the North far from Chisinau. Tipova is famous for charming nature and the largest cave monasteries in Moldova and In Eastern Europe.

The monastery here was established in the VI century BC. Then for a long time monastery was empty until 1756 when it was reopened. At the beginning just narrow path led to the monastery. Thus monks stayed safe from the enemies. Later, at the end of XVIII century, when the threat of incursions disappear more wide paths leading to the monastery appeared. At that time also cells were enlarged and there was built a church. During the Soviet period the monastery was closed. It again stayed empty and was even destroyed.

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