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Limba Noastra (end of August) Ц Language Day

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The Limba Noastra holiday in Moldova is not just a holiday of the national language, but a day of national cultural heritage of country. Limba Noastra stands for 'our tongue' or 'our language', which is also the name of the national anthem of Moldova. The Limba Noastra holiday is very similar to Independence Day in terms of celebration traditions. The occasions differ slightly. On Independence Day people in Moldova celebrate the sovereignty of the country, its territorial and political autonomy and on Limba Noastra we celebrate the integrity of the national language, traditions, and freedoms related to the cultural development of the Moldovan society.

The holiday took birth not so long ago. In 1989, when social discontent with the Soviet Union grew to unmanageable proportions in Moldova, a new legal project was prepared in regard to the national language. According to this new law Romanian was the only official language of Moldova. The language bill was passed into law on August 31st 1989, and the date has been a national holiday ever since. In the main square of Chisinau a concert is organized featuring the performances of various national entertainers. Normally the stage is not dismantled since Independence Day which takes place a few days prior – on August 27th.

Limba Noastra is a great day to visit museums, exhibitions, and galleries, because holiday discounts are active, and certain government organizations conduct and open door day.

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