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The festival of Polish movie will take place in the "Gaudeamus" cinema from 24 to 28 November 2011

The festival of Polish movie will be held from 24 to 28 November 2011. The novelties of Polish movie will be shown there. All the movies were filmed in 2010. Every movie is laureate of Polish and international festivals and competitions.

Spectators of Chisinau will be presented 5 movies.

  • 24th November "Mala Matura 1947" by Janusz Majewski
  • 25th November "Erratum" by Marek Lechki
  • 26th November "Venice" by Jan Jakub Kolski
  • 27th November "Little Rose" by Jan Kidawa-Błoński
  • 28th November "Joanna" by Feliks Falk

The screening starts at 18:00 all the dates mentioned above, admission free.

The festival of Polish movie is organized for the 6th time by the Embassy of Poland in Moldova and Polish Culture Institute from Bucharest, Romania.

International Animation Film Festival in Chisinau

International Animation Film Festival Anim'est will take part in Chisinau from 3rd to 6th November 2011.

Anim'est was established in 2006 and it is the biggest event in this sphere in Eastern Europe. The festival takes part in Romania. This year there was organized a special festival program in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova.

Anim'est is a bright event in the capital of Romania, Bucharest. The number of festivals visitors increases every year. Among the guests of the festival there have been such famous animators as Bill Plympton, John Dilworth, Shane Acker, Mike Reiss, Georges Schwizgebel, Hayo Freitag, Juan Pablo Zaramella, Joan C. Gratz, Phil Mulloy, Mirai Mizue, Ion Truică and others.

Screenings of the festival will be held in Odeon Cinema (str. M. Eminescu, 55). The price of the tickets varies from 30 to 150 leus depending on the amount of screenings you want to visit. Tickets can be bought in the booking office of the Odeon Cinema starting from 1st November 2011.

Tips on traveling to Moldova

When somebody travels to unknown country he may have a lot of different questions which nobody of his acquaintances may reply. This may be absolutely different questions: where to change money or where to have a dinner. That's why we offer you some useful tips on traveling to Moldova. Of course we may not foresee all you questions but we tried to reply at least some of them which may help you to save some money and make your stay in Moldova more interesting.

You are welcome to Moldova! Read all the tips here.

Communications in Moldova

When traveling to Moldova you might be interested in communications on the territory of the country. So, we decided to provide you this information and added an article about all types of communications in Moldova. Phones, mobile phones, internet, and postal service all these means are easy available in Moldova, so you have no problem to contact other people.

For more detailed information read our new article about communications in Moldova.

For art lovers!

Are you interested in culture and art? Then you may want to know more about such places as theatres in Moldova and namely in Chisinau. They are interested from different points of view. We mean that usually they present not only interesting performances but also are located in old buildings which are interesting for their architecture.

In our new article we tell you more about theatres in Chisinau and hope you find something interesting and useful for you. All the theatres are different but that makes them even more attractive for theatre lovers.

You are welcome to read more about theatres in Chisinau.

About Easter in Moldova

Easter is the most important religious holiday in Moldova, where the main part of populations belongs to Eastern Orthodox religion. This holiday is celebrated by nearly all the people in Moldova and the most significant days of this holiday are officially declared to be the days off in the republic.

That's why today we decided to tell you more about this holiday, which comes to one of the most beautiful seasons in the country.

Read more about this holiday in our new article about Easter in Moldova.

Article about Christmas in Moldova

Holidays, exhibitions, festivals and other events... What can be more interesting in a certain country? So, we decided to tell you about absolutely differents events in Moldova. Some of them are national and others are celebrated world-wide, some are world-known and others are famous just in the country. However all of them surely have something unusual and characteristic only for Moldova.

Today we started with Christmas. This holiday is world-famous and loved by children and adults. It comes very soon and some people already started preparing Christmas gifts. Moldova is also celebrating it, but Christmas has its own destinctive features here. Read more in our recently added article about Christmas in Moldova.

Multi-lingual Moldova

When going to a certain country one of the most important things is to know what languages are spoken in this country as this is the only way to communicate with local people, to make shopping and to ask a questions if necessary. So, today we decided to tell you about the languages spoken in Moldova. Moldova is multi-lingual country with a division into some regions.

Read more about languages in Moldova right now.

Distinctive features of Moldovan cuisine

Since now you may read more about Moldovan cuisine on our site. In the new text you will find more information about variety and preferences in the cuisine of the little country between East and West. You will find out what meal is considered to be traditional, what they represent and how are they combined. This is what worth tasting when you visit Moldova. Through that you may better understand culture of this country.

We suggest you to read more about Moldovan cuisine right now.

The information about currency rates was added

In the modern society theres no person who doesnt keep eye on currency rates and financial situation in his country and in the world. Thats why we are happy to announce you that weve added new useful information about currency rates. Here its possible to see currency rates against Moldovan leu. However, thats not everything. Theres possibility to make a chart of dynamics of different currencies against leu and you may also look how the currency rates changed within a month.

We hope that this service is useful for you and you will easily use it. Soon we will also add currency converter which will save your time making all the calculations within few seconds.

Embassy of Italia starts to issue visas for the citizens of Moldova from 28 January

On 28 January, 2009 embassy of Italia starts acceptance of the documents required for getting visas for Moldovan citizens who want to visit this country.

According to one of the employees of the Italian consulate they will start taking the calls every day from 8:30 to 18:00, excluding Saturday and Sunday. It is enough to call 01505 to get all the necessary information in 3 languages: Italian, Romanian and Russian. Consulate gives 39 types of visas and that is the reason why the list of the necessary documents is known after private communication.

According to official data there are working about 132 000 Moldova citizens in Italy.

Informational source:

Festival of Czech cinema will take place in the Republic of Moldova

Within 22 and 29 January 2009 cultural center Odeon together with the embassy of Czech Republic navigates the festival of Czech cinema in Moldova.

Lida Troyanovski said that the movies included into the festival program satisfy various tastes and ages. There are feature films, documentary films and animated cartoons. Movies included into the program compose classics of Czech cinema. These are, generally, laureates of national and international festivals. It is worth noticing The Firemen's Ball by Miloš Forman awarded by the Oscars.

Spectators may watch melodramas, comedies, documentary films, animated cartoon and lots more.

Informational source:

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! wishes all the visitors Happy New year and Merry Christmas! We hope that in the New Year you will continue to visit us. And we promise to do everything possible to make every your visiting us to be interesting. We will be happy to your messages and offers in the New Year.

We wish you and your family happiness, success in your business and let all the difficulties to avoid you!

In the republic theres held elaboration of the tourist routes in honor of 650th anniversary of Moldovan State

Special Committee of Ministry of Culture and Tourism is working in discovering tourist routes dedicated to 650th anniversary of Moldovan State. The members of the committee are ministry representatives, guides, historicists, museum employees, Academy of Sciences employees and archaeologists.

For this moment 5 tourist routes are elaborated: Rulers way, Fortresses and fight places, Medieval monasteries, Ancestors fireplace and Hospitable Moldovan traditions.

Till the end of the ear member of the committee will explore this routes by themselves. There will be made photo and video materials, advertisement booklets about historical places of this routes and the campaign for their promotion will start.

Within 2009-2011 there will be organized free excursions for scholars, students and retired.

Informational source:

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Italy comes to Moldova with working trip

Monday minister of foreign affairs Franco Frattini comes to Moldova with working trip. Foreign diplomat will have a meeting with the higher management of the country and will negotiate with his colleague Andrei Stratan, minister of foreign affairs of Moldova.

During the visit he will discuss perspectives of development of Moldovan-Italian relations and economical collaboration after opening the embassy of Italia in Chisinau in January 2009.

According to the data by Italy Government in the country legally work 132 thousand of Moldova citizens. According to unofficial data this number is 2 times bigger.

Informational source:

National Youth Forum will take place in Chisinau

The second National Youth Forum will take place in the Republic Palace from 20 till 21 November. The motto of the forum is Youth takes part, the community develops. Organizer of the forum is Ministry of Education and Youth.

In the forum there will participate more than 1000 of representatives of youth organizations and movements, specialists in the sphere of youth action and sport and also representatives of Ministry of Education and Youth.

The first youth forum took place in Chisinau in 2006. 1300 young people participated in that forum.

Informational source:

Agrarian farms finish harvesting sugar beet.

Agricultural companies finish harvesting sugar beet. According to the data by Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry from each hectare 41 tons of sugar beet are gotten. Thats the highest productivity within last 6-7 years.

At the same time the highest results are reached in Ungheni, Floresti and Donduseni regions. They get 45-46 tons of beetroots from each hectare.

Specialists of Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry consider that is a good motivation

for peasants who finish preparing soil for the harvest of 2009.

This year sugar beet occupied the territory of 23 thousand hectares. However it is planned next year sugar beet to occupy 25-27 thousand hectares.

Informational source:

European Youth Week started in Moldova

On 3rd November European Youth Week started in Moldova according to the information by Ministry of Education and Youth.

According to the information from the ministry some authorities will go to regions for meeting youth and representatives of local youth organizations. At the same time in the institutions of local and central public management plan to organize Doors Open Day to let scholars and students get acquainted with the work of different departments.

Furthermore, within this month in Moldova different actions will take place. These include National and International Days of Youth (9-10 November) and International Student Day (17 November).

Different theme actions, for instance Republic First-Year Students Day, are planned to be held in this period.

Informational source:

In the capital city there are opened international exhibitions Moldagrotech, Farmer and Moldeco

At Wednesday there open international exhibitions Moldagrotech, Farmer and Moldeco in the exhibition center Moldexpo.

About 130 companies from 14 countries participate in the 16th International exhibition Moldagrotech, the exhibition of machines, equipment and technologies for agro-industrial complex. In the framework of it the contest Years novelty as a result of which the best agricultural machinery will be awarded by diploms.

On the 11th International exhibition Farmer the traditional fair Golden Autumn. More that 100 farm enterprises will present their production of high quality.

The exhibition Moldeco will be opened for the 8th time. On it there will be presented equipment and technologies for producing nonpolluting characteristics.

Informational source:

Bulgarian Parliament delegation comes to Chisinau

On Monday Bulgarian Parliament delegation comes to Chisinau. It is headed by speaker Mladen Tcherveniakov.

The visit will last till 1st October. At the first day the guests will meet with speaker Marian Lupu, director of Parliament Committee for foreign policy and European Integration Grigorii Petrenco and director of Parliament group for friendship with Bulgaria Larisa Zimina.

In the program there are planned meetings of Bulgarian delegation with the first vice-minister, minister of economics and trade Igor Dodon, deputy of Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration Eugenia Chistruga and representatives of Bulgarian Diaspora in Moldova.

Informational source:

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