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The government is coordinating actions for overcoming the drought consequences

For coordination the actions for overcoming the unheard-of drought consequences the government formed 3 groups in the republic staff for contingency.

The group headed by the minister of Economics and Trade, Igor Dodon, will control prices to crops and essential foodstuff, coordinate import and export, provide food safety of the country.

The secong group headed by deputy minister of Economics and Trade, Viorel Melnic, will control the prices to wheat and flour and also the sales of flour confectionery.

Important functions are given to the third group which is headed by minister of Agriculture and Food Industry, Anatolie Gorodenco. It will take under strict control the realization of agricultural works. At the moment specialists organize steps for establishing seed-stock and preparing soils for future harvest.

Minister of Agriculture and Food Industry, Anatolie Gorodenco, said that the situation is getting worser every day. On the south of the republic fruit abscission has place because of the heat.

To avoid the consequences of future cataclysms minister offered to increase subsidization for land reclamation and to expand the area of irrigable lands.

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New article about Saharna was added

Saharna is a village located 110 km to the North from Chisinau. It is known for its Holy Trinity Monastery and magnificent nature. Those who have been here once dream to visit this place again and again… Noise of waterfalls, silence of ages, beauty of the nature and feeling of calmness – that is what attracts here visitors.

The first settlement here is dated back to II century B.C. The monastery here was built at the second half of XVIII century. It is surrounded by rocks which are covered by forest and this place has the feel of calmness.

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Also there were added the photos of Saharna.

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Moldovan sportsman Igor Demenitiev took gold on the European Aeromodellers Championship

Moldovan sportsman Igor Demenitiev took gold on the European Aeromodellers Championship which had finished in Belgrade. This is what "News-Moldova" informs about with the reference to Aviamodelling Sport Federation of Russia.

He won in the class "Air Fight". In final game with the leader of all-Russian, Dmitrii Vedernikov,  the score was 3:1 and so Igor became the owner of the main award. The third place was taken by ex-champion Michael Vilanson from England.

52 companies from 18 countries of Europe participated in the competition. 

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In Moldova there starts ecologists expedition down the Dniester

In Moldova Wednesday there starts ecologists expedition down the Dniester. That is what "News-Moldova" informs about with the reference to Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources.

The ceremony of starting will take place about the noon in the village Naslavcha (Ocnitsa district). In the ceremony representatives of Academy of Sciences of RM, OSCE, WB, UNDP will participate. The expedition is organized by state hydro-meteorological service of the Ministry of Ecology.

According to the reliable source in the Dniester basin there live about 3 fourths of the republic population, whose health depends on the river condition.

Scientists will analyze water and factors which cause its pollution. Specialists also intend to analyze negative ecological consequences of the working of Ukrainian hydro-electro-stations "Novodnestrocsk-1" and "Novodnestrovsk-2". 

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Moldovan co-operators started the reconstruction of rural shops

Co-operators of the Republic of Moldova, who celebrated their professional holiday last week-end, started the reconstruction of rural shops following the national program "Moldovan village".

According to the specially developed project "Coop-prim" in 2015 there will be renewed all 527 retail outlets. The range of goods and services level will correspond to the modern urban shops. This will allow to increase the quality of serving the countrymen. Modern super-market have already appeared in such villages as Cocieri (Dubasari district) and Sirma (Leova district).

Today Mold-coop unites more than 400 000 people, mainly inhabitants of rural area. 

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Moldovan wine-makers won International Yalta Competition "Golden Griffon - 2007"

Moldovan wine-makers won the traditional international competition of wines and alcoholic drinks "Golden Griffon" which took place in Yalta.

Production manager, Sergeii Babii, informed that Grand-Prix jury gave to cognac "President" of 50-years ripening made on factory "Barza Neagra" in Balti. Together with it golds were given to such cognacs as "Dragosh Voevod", "Balti" and "Beliy Aist".

Three golds and one argint were given to sparkling and collection wines made by factory "Milestii Mici". One gold and three argints were given to wines by factory "Cricova".

The organizers of the prestijeous international competition of wines and alcoholic drinks were CIS-countries Winegrowers and Winemakers Union, Crimea Winemakers Union and National Institute of grapes and wine "Magarach".

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Renewed wine factory "Cricova" is again opened for visitors

After the reconstruction wine factory "Cricova" is again accessible to its visitors.
In the ceremony of opening the renewed object of national and cultural endow the President of Moldova, Vladimir Voronin participated and also the official delegation from the Republic of Croatia headed by the President Stepan Mesich.

General director of the factory, Valentin Bodiul, notified that 60 million leus and 3,6 million euro were invested to the reconstruction of the complex. Modern technologies are introduced, tasting rooms, roads to the factory, cellars for wine collections are repaired.

The head of the state said that we are obliged to do everything possible for this sphere to be the most developed in the country and our country to become the world leader in wine production. Opening of the reconstructed factory shows that we are able to do that. 

Wine factory "Cricova" is one of the enterprises in the world where sparkling wines are produced following the classical French method. In the cellars there is collection including 160 sorts of wines which are preserved in 1,3 billion boutles. Among them are even bottles dated 1902. In the collection of factory medals and awards there are more than 80 Grand Prix, golds and argints. Underground complex "Cricova" is declared to be the "object of national and cultural endow". 


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The school year is over and the other one is coming soon

In Chisinau this year there are 10288 students who graduated from the gymnasiums, 3706 students who graduated from high schools and 5908 students who passed baccalaureate exams. This information was given to "News-Moldova" by press-service of local city hall.

In the period of summer holidays there 66 camps for pupils are working in Chisinau. Also 4 camps are working beyond the capital borders.

According to the same source the preparatory works for the new school year are finished up to 50%. Now repair works of water-supply systems and technical nets are held.  The funds given are already spent and 1,3 million are still necessary. 

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In Chisinau Moldovan-Romanian economics forum takes place

On Friday in Chisinau economics forum takes place. According to "News-Moldova" here businessmen of Moldova and Romania will examine the opportunity of intensification of mutual collaboration.

Business meeting of colleagues is arranged by industrial business and trade association (IBTA) of Moldova under the auspices of IBTA of Romanian districts with have border with Moldova and also the embassy of Romania in Moldova. 

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International specialized exhibition "Infoinvent" opens in Chisinau

More than 400 inventions, innovative developings and patterns of new equipment will be presented on the 10th  international specialized exhibition "Infoinvent" which opens in Chisinau on Wednesday.

The organizers of the exhibition are State Agency for Intellectual Property (AGEPI), Moldovan Exhibition Center «Moldexpo» and Science Academy of Moldova. They invited for participating for about 70 institutes for scientific research and enterprises from Moldova, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and Romania.

According to chief officer of AGEPI, Doriana Chirosca, the aim of the exhibition is to help to the development of inventions, to bring together inventors and investors and also to mention the most perspective achievments for national economics and to countenance their authors. 

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Pictures painted by heart

Tuesday in National Art Museum exhibition of Japanese woodcut is opened. There will be presented for about 70 works of such painters as Ando Hiroshige and Taiso Yoshitoshi.

The reason of this exhibition are 2 significant dates – 210 years from the day of birth of Ando and 115 years from the day of death of Taiso.

The first painter is featured by lucidity of lines and purity of paints. His landscapes dazzle.  The second painter expressed himself like moon singer. His series of works is called “100 pictures with moon”.

According to museum employees the museum owns a large collection of Japanese art works of 18-19 centuries. Woodcuts for a certain period left vaults and entered the museum halls.

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Harvesting the crops in central and southern regions of Moldova is speeded up because of drought

Harvesting the crops in central and southern regions of Moldova is speeded up because of drought. This is what "News-Moldova" was informed about in the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry.

According to the information from the same source the crop yield is quite low. Winter wheat – 13-14 centners per hectare;  barley - 6-7 centners per hectare; spring wheat - 10-12 centners per hectare. 

Specialists in agricultural sector hope the crop yield on the north of the republic is higher because of more precipitations in this region. 

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The match for super-cup of Republic of Moldova will take place in Tiraspol on 27 June

The match for super-cup of Republic of Moldova will take place in Tiraspol on 27 June. This is what "News-Moldova" was informed about in Republic Football Federation.

The match will be held by Tiraspol Football Team "Sheriff", the sevenfold champion of the republic, and "Zimbru" from Chisinau that recently won the Cup of Moldova.

The match for super-cup will be held for 4th time. Before this trophy was taken by "Sheriff".

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In Chisinau the problems concerning the competition in business are going to be decided

The organizer of this event is Economics Council by Prime-minister and National agency for competition protection.

The topic of discussion are the questions concerned with the regulation of the relationships in competition, the legislation in this sphere, the problem of influence by unfair competition to the economics and lots more.

Heads of the enterprises, representatives of large, middle and small companies and representatives of central and local administration participate in the work of "round table".

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In the underground city Milestii Mici a new street will be open

At the end of June in the underground city of the Factory of wines of high quality «Milestii Mici» there will appear a new street. The new street will be called in honor of International organization of grapes and wine. It will be officially open after the end of XXX World Congress of winemakers in Budapest.

According to press-service of the enterprise the idea of such a name appeared this year in February when vice-president of this organization Reiner Vittkovsky came to Moldova and took part in the work of  the International competition of wines and spirits «CHISINAU WINES & SPIRITS CONTEST 2007».

Apart from the new street the underground city includes more than 30 streets with such wine names as "Cabernet", "Feteasca", "Codru","Aligote" and others. The overall length of the tunnels is more than 200 km. The depth of the mines varies from 30 to 85 meters.

Wine collection of «Milestii Mici» is registered in the Guinness World Records as the biggest collection in the world. 

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In Moldova the realization of strategic project for winemaking started

In Moldova the realization of strategic project for winegrowing and winemaking started. According to "News-Moldova" Yurii Mudrya, the head of administration of agency "Moldova-vin", said that his main aim is diversification of sales area of Moldovan wine production.

He said that they consider Russia to be the main sales area for Moldovan wines and cognacs. However because of the existing situation Moldova will try to return about 30-35 per cents of former supplies to Russia.

Mudrya explained that realization of the project presupposes sweeping of the markets in China, Baltic countries, Poland and other EU countries.

In his eyes diversification of sales area and image of Moldovan wines and cognacs will help to constant development of this sphere and entry to the international market.

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New article with trolleybuses routes was added
Bariera Sculeni → Calea Iesilor → Stefan cel Mare → Negruzzi → Gagarin → Decebal → Zelinschi → Sarmizegetusa → Decebal → Gagarin → Negruzzi → Stefan cel Mare → Calea Iesilor → Bariera Sculeni
Traian → Grenoble → Asachi → Alecsandri → Mateevici → Puskin → Stefan cel Mare → Ciuflea → Viaduc → Dacia → Traian
Sos. Balcani → Alba-Iulia → Creanga → Belinschi → Lupu → Stere → Kogalniceanu → Parcul "Valea Morilor" → Mateevici → Alecsandri → Sos. Hincesti → Mioritsa → Asachi → Alecsandri → Mateevici → Puskin → Kogalniceanu → Stere → Lupu → Belinschi → Creanga → Alba-Iulia → Sos. Balcani

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Ministers of Transport in CIS countries decided to build belt-way around Black Sea

On the Coordination Transport meeting of CIS countries that took place on Tuesday i Odessa Minisers of Transport decided to create work groups which will coordinate the work of building of belt-way around Black Sea.

Moldova was presented by Minister of Transport, Vasile Ursu.

The project "Black Sea belt-way" foresees building of highways consisting of 2 divided trafficways. Each of them will have at least 2 driving lanes. The length of the belt-way will be about 7140 km. It is supposed that the main route of highway and its connections will include such cities as Istanbul, Samsun, Trabzon and Edirn in Turkey; Batumi and Poti in Georgia; Erevan in Armenia; Baku in Azerbaijan, Novorossiysk, Rostov-on-Don, Taganrog in Russia; Mariopoli, Melitopli and Odessa in Ukraine; Chisinau in Moldova; bucharest and Constanta in Romania; Hascovo and Sofia in Bulgaria; Nish and Belgrade in Serbia; Tirana in Albania, Komotini and Alexandropolis in Greece.

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In Moldova the festival "Piano nights - 2007" will take place

This year lovers of art music will enjoy the wonderful melodies thanks to the festival "Piano nights - 2007" organized by French Alliance in Moldova and Ministry of Culture and Tourism. The festival will take place from 26 June to 5 July.

Marshallers of the festival say that the program of the holiday is impressive.

On 26 June there will take place concert "French overture" in Organ Hall in Chisinau. In this concers such artists as Nicolas Brinie, Jan-Luk Andre, Vanessa Vagner (France) and Serghei Constantinov (Moldova) will participate.

On 29 June the concert "Germanic romantic school" where Mihai Horia (Romania), Marina Izman (Moldova-Holland) and David Violi (France) will participate.

On 3 July there will take place "From Russian Music repertoire". Artists: Dmitrii Matei (Moldova) Samuel Paran (France).

On 5 July in Balti National Theatre the "Evening of Classic music" will take place. Soloists: Pazy Bon, Alexandra Lescur, Michele Burdoncle (France) and Felicia Dony (USA).

On the festival concerts will conduct the orchestraes Didie Talpen (France) and Valentin Dony (Moldova).

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Chisinau celebrates the holiday of childhood

According to News-Moldova there is a special holiday program dedicated to Children's Holiday which takes place on 1st June. This program is aimed to little inhabitants and guests of the capital.

The holiday will start morning on the Great National Meeting square by concert with the particiating of children groups and professional artists. There will also take place asphalt drawing competition, sport competitions and games of all kinds.

Cultural-artistic program will continue in the park Stefan the Great, on the Dinamo Stadium and all the microdistricts of the capital. In the Army House spectators may watch puppet theatre.

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