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Martisor - Spring Holiday

Spring is so close… Moldovan are happy to the coming springs. They greet is by the holiday called “Martishor”. We’ve added an article about this great spring holiday.

In Moldova spring is the most expected season. Coming of the spring is accompanied by celebration called “Martisor”. The celebration starts on 1st March when people give to each other little red & white mascots called “martisor”. They give these martisors with the words “Live and blossom like apple-trees in the heart of the spring”.

More about Martisor Holiday read here.

In the Republic of Moldova the second stage of outdated pesticides disposal started

Monday in Moldova there started the second stage of removal and utilization of outdated pesticides. The action takes place within the project “Management and disposal of reserves of stable organic pollutants.”

This stage provides for packing and taking out to France 650 tons of agricultural chemical run-offs from the 5 regions of the republic.

While the first stage of the project took place, from March to October 2007, French company “Tredi” took out of the country and disposed on its enterprises in France 980 tons of electric capacitors, containing toxic substances, and 485 tons of outdates pesticides.

It is planned to take out and dispose 1150 tons of pesticides from ten regions of the country which is about one third of the whole amount of pesticides in the republic.

The project is sponsored by Global Environmental Facility (via World Bank) and Moldova Government. The aim of the project is to accomplish the national plan for implementation of Stockholm Treaty about stable organic pollutants which was taken in 2004.

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Solo-exhibition of Evdokya Zavtur: the world, affirming a life

On 20th February at 15:00 there starts solo-exhibition of artist Evdokya Zavtur in the National Art Museum.

Entering the exhibition hall you feel joy. Yellow, green and red colors create the atmosphere of high spirits. At the same time it is both usually and not. There are 3 vases with flowers on the painting instead of the one. The dreams which have no real shape get edges and sense on the paintings.

Before Evdokya Zavtur participated just in the collective exhibitions and couldn’t expose all sides of her talent. However on this exhibition she managed to.

Examining the exhibition you have a feeling that you just lived all 4 seasons starting from soft spring colors and finishing with deep autumn colors.

Leaving the exhibition you take hope with you… The life is wonderful!

The exhibitions lasts till 9th March.

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Moldovan bicycle racer Ruslan Ivanov won “Le Tour de Langkawi”

Moldovan bicycle racer Ruslan Ivanov in the team “Serramenti PVC” won “Le Tour de Langkawi” in the general classification. The bicycle race took place in Malaysia and it came to the end on 17th February. 246 sportsmen from 25 teams participated in the bicycle race. The overall distance length is 1377,4 km.

In the annual 2-week race, taking place in February, the best bicyclers try themselves for courage and strength of body. Many-stage race starts at the island Langkawi, then it crosses peninsula Malacca and it finishes in the capital city of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur.

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The information about exhibitions held in Moldova in 2008 is added

Today we’ve added the information about exhibitions which will take place in Moldova in 2008. We’ve told about the exhibitions which will be held in the exhibition center “MoldExpo” because the majority of the exhibitions is organized here.

Like in any other country there are many exhibitions held in Moldova. They are dedicated to different spheres and they all have their own aim. Many of the exhibitions in Moldova have their aim to show products and companies working in a certain field. On such exhibitions often there are signed many contracts. You may read more about exhibitions here.

The weather corrects farmer’s work in Moldova

Specialists in agriculture say that probably the spring sowing campaign this year will start earlier than usually because of extraordinary warm weather. They recommend accomplishing this campaign fast as this will help to save moisture in the soil.

It is planned to sow 778 thousand hectares by spring crops. Specialists of Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry recommend increasing the area of irrigated lands. This will provide warranted harvest of crops, vegetables and fruits.

Scientists in this sphere invoke farmers to use high technologies and mineral fertilizers wider, actively use modern agricultural engineering on the fields.

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Ministry of Public Health organizes press-conference on the occasion of International Cancer Finght Day

International Cancer Finght Day is an action organized by International Union against Cancer. This year the actions organized worldwide are dedicated to protection of the children from passive smoking.

Cancer is one of the main reasons of death worldwide. According to World Health Organization (WHO) about 84 million people will die from cancer within 2005 and 2015 if to do nothing.

According to WHO about 40% of cases of cancer may be prevented thanks to giving up smoking, regular physical exercises and health food. Smoking is the main avertable reason of carcinogenesis in the world.

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Preparation for “Mărţişor-2008” started in Moldova

In the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Moldova constitutive meeting dedicated to organization of International Music Festival “Mărţişor-2008” took place last Thursday.

This year the prestige music festival will be organized for the 42nd time. There will participate bands and singers from Germany, Austria, Poland, France, Russia, China, Finland, Romania, Turkey, Ukraine, Belarus and other countries.

As usually “Mărţişor” will take place in different localities of the republic of Moldova.

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Moldova of my childhood…

Moldova of my childhood – in such a way Liviu Hancu may characterize his personal exposition. On 25th January he invites everyone to National Art Museum, where the artist shows his paintings. In his paintings Liviu Hancu eternalized the most beautiful landscapes, Codrii on summer and autumn, rural streets and peasant farms.

There’s a special season atmosphere rendered by each painting. Autumn wealth is rendered by red and gold paints, winter cold – by white and blue with the tincture of gray and black. You are welcome to the wonderful childhood of Liviu Hancu and all those who love their birth-place and remind their rural childhood.

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Monument to Dmitrii Cantemir appears soon in Chisinau

In the National Art Museum exhibition-competition of monument to Dmitrii Cantemir continues to work.

Until now the sculptures presented are miniature: Cantemir riding the horse, Cantemir with power attributes in his hands and others. As the competition is public every visitor may express his attitude towards the works. Authors provided miniature monuments by virtual photos of how the monument will fit in the city architectural ensemble. The monument will be located in front of the building KENTFORD.

In the following two weeks others patterns may be presented on the exhibition. The best work will be chosen by professional committee that will take into consideration opinions of common people.

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Walnut potential in Moldova

It is planned to plant about 1000 hectares of walnuts gardens in Moldova in 2008. Mihai Suvac, assistant chief of technological politics management of Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry, claimed that this is 300 hectares more that in 2007.

Department specialist said that the state pays great attention to industrial walnut growing development. The state covers 35 per cent of expenses to economical agents who occupy with walnut growing.

According to scientists from Institute of gardening of Moldova expenses for growing 1 hectare and care about it account not less than 30-35 thousand leus. However walnut brings more that 2 000 euro from 1 hectare if to treat it skillful.

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The star called Mihai Eminescu - In memoriam

From Monday to Friday there are held open days in the Academic Center called in honor if Mihai Eminescu.

Elena Dabija, director of the Center, said that open days are organized because of Mihai Eminescu Memorial Day. The program is quite heavy and every day has its main topic. On 14th January Center invites everyone for the meeting with readers, lovers of poet’s works. Meeting’s topic is “There’s heart of peace inside me”.

On 15th January right in the midday there will take place the presentation of Mihai Eminescu scrolls collection in 12 volumes. The presentation will take place in Chisinau, Bucharest, Iasi, Kluj, Chernovtsy and Belgrade.

On 16th January session of writing clinic “Wonderful book, praise to its author” is planned.

Novelties by Moldovan publishing houses will be presented to the readers on 17th January.

Elena Dabija claimed that on 18th January they will host literary critics, researchers of works by Eminescu, who will participate in the symposium “Critical presentation of works by Eminescu”.

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Signing of the mutual Moldovan-Italian declaration takes place in Chisinau

Wednesday Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Massimo D`Alema, comes to Chisinau with working visit.

During the visit D`Alema will meet Prime-Minister, Vasiliy Tarlev, and Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration, Andrei Stratan. After that there will be signed mutual Moldovan-Italian declaration in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration.

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Next year ten thousands hectares of new vineyards will appear in Moldova

It is planned to plant ten thousands hectares of new vineyards in 2008. Valeriy Chebotari, Deputy Manager for technologic politics of “Moldova-Vin” agency, said that vineyards will be planted in 3 steps.

The main part of new plantations – seven thousand hectares- will be planted next Spring. June-July 2 hectares will be planted by vegetative plants. On Autumn planting will be finished. One more hectare will be planted.

Grapes for tables use will occupy more than 1.5 thousands hectares. According to specialists this will allow to supply the population by fresh grapes and also to increase export.

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“Tourist Moldova” magazine will present the country on the exhibition in Holland

At the moment Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Moldova, tourist agencies and other companies working for country promotion prepare to the big international exhibition in Holland which will take place at the beginning of 2008. One of the most significant information sources, which present our country on the forum, will be 3rd number of “Tourist Moldova” magazine. It is issued with support of Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

The magazine is issued in three languages, so it is available also for foreigners. “Tourist Moldova” magazine already presented country on the different international conferences. It won a great success.

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Condition of vine shoot at the beginning of winter is satisfactory

Scientists from National Winegrowing and Winemaking Institution analyzed the condition of wine shoot at the beginning of winter. According to Mihail Kuharskiy, chief of Plants Protection Department, the condition of the wine shoot is satisfactory in general in the country.

Clone-vineyards better than other survived the drought. They occupy about 20 thousand hectares of 150 in the different enterprises around the republic. These are young vineries, which were planted last years according to the industrial technology. Major part of them already bears grapes and the other will start bearing grapes next year.

Kuharskiy considers that if the winter will be mild, without strong frosts, croppage will be not less that in 2007, i.e. more than 600 thousand tons.

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Selling exhibition of works by people with mental challenges opens in Chisinau

Wednesday in Chisinau there opens selling exhibition of works by people with mental challenges. The exhibition is called “Everyone is different but all are equal”. Organizers of the exhibition are Ministry of Social Protection, Family and Children together with non-governmental organizations which work in social protection and Bureau of Technical Collaboration.

The main aim of the event is to show the talent of people with mental challenges, to inspire them and to encourage their creativity, especially children’s. Representatives of international organizations, diplomatic missions and state institutions are invited to the exhibition.

Exhibition “Everyone is different but all are equal” takes place within a week dedicated to challenged persons.

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On the International Day of Disabled Persons Association “Hope and Health” hosted guests

Monday, on the International Day of Disabled Persons “Hope and Health” association hosted guests.

Olga Sirbu, the president of the Association of Disabled Persons “Eghida”, organized the concert and brought some presents to children with physical and mental challenges. Creative studio “Curcubeu” participated in the concert. They showed children fiery dances and songs.

Recently “Hope and Health” Association celebrated its 6th anniversary. Here children endowed by fate find warmth and understanding. They are not hungry and may attend to sculpture, sewing. They are given certain experience which is necessary for the following integration into society.

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Press conference dedicated to AIDS Fight Day will take place in the Ministry of Health

Ministry of Health of the Republic of Moldova invites Friday mass-media representatives to the press conference dedicated to International AIDS Fight Day. International AIDS Fight Day is celebrated on 1st December for already 19 years.

Head of the Ministry of Health, representatives of non-governmental and international organizations will come to tell about AIDS expansion and about fight with this disease.

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Magic scenes

Thursday in the expositional center of Artists Union named after Constantin Brincusi there opened exhibition “Scenography. Costume”. There are presented more than 160 works by craftsmen from National Opera and Ballet theatre which recently celebrated its 50 anniversary.

The major part of collection was gathered by Felix Bessonov, head of theatricals. The other part belongs to artistic directors from other theatres of Moldova. Antonin Zimin, Lazar Causanschii, Valeriy Leventali, Petru Balan and others reveal where and how those fairy temples, moon nights and charmed forests are born. Examining various variant of sketches it is possible to follow the process of costume birth from the idea up to evocation.

The exhibition lasts till 15th December.

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