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Theaters appeared a very long time ago, but despite their age they still remain one of the most popular ways to spend your leisure time. There are several theaters in Chisinau that everyone who appreciates culture and art simply must visit. In the theaters of Chisinau you will be able to fully appreciate the performance of highly talented actors in original plays directed by Moldovans.

If you would like to see a theater where the plays are performed in the Russian language than you need to go to the Russian Dramatic Theater of A. P. Chekhov. The theater was founded in 1934 in Tiraspol, and since then has become one of the best Russian theaters in Moldova. In the 60s the theater moved to Chisinau and is currently located on Vlaicu Pircalab 75, which is downtown. The auditorium has almost 500 seats. You can enjoy theater productions of classical authors, such as Shakespeare, Gogol, Moliere, Pushkin, and, obviously – Chekhov.

The largest theater in Moldova is the national theater Mihai Eminescu. The theater was founded in 1920 and used to be called the National Theater in Chisinau. The plays staged here were mostly by French, Italian, Norwegian, Romanian, and Russian play writers. The actors of the national theater Mihai Eminescu have, on numerous occasions, won the sympathy of viewers at international festivals, including the I.L. Caragiale Festival in Bucharest (1993, 1994), the A.P. Chekhov Festival in Moscow (1998), "Divadelna Nitra" in Slovakia, "Golden Lion" in Lvov. Directors from Russia, Romania, and even Canada came to work with the Moldovan actors at the Mihai Eminescu Theater.

There are several other theaters in Chisinau which deserve our attention. The Republican Theater "Luceafarul", "Satiricus" I.L. Caragiale, the Theater of Eugene Ionescu, and the "Ginta Latina" Theater are all places where you can enjoy theater classics staged by Moldovan directors.

Sometimes the theaters invite guest performers and you can see plays by foreign troupes. It is worth noting that Ginta Latina has been very successful in making the plays original in several ways – here you can see the most unusual stage decorations, innovative acting styles and very interesting plays.

Places like the National Youth Dramatic Theater from Rose Street falls in a separate category. You will see the performance of young, but very talented actors. The staging is done in a rather contemporary style, which differs considerably from the classical understanding of theater.

The National Theater of Opera and Ballet is a real treasure for Moldova. The theater toured all over the world and won many awards. In addition, the National Theater of Opera and Ballet in Chisinau once hosted such legends of opera like Fyodor Chaliapin and Enrico Caruso, the concert hall has outstanding acoustic qualities and great lighting. The cultural and entertainment programs for international delegations visiting Moldova often times include a visit to the National Theater of Opera and Ballet. If you decide to visit Chisinau you should definitely go check it out.

For those who prefer something more unusual we recommend the Poetry theater of Alexei Mateevic, and for children – the Republican Puppet Theater "Licurici".

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