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The International Tennis Competition dedicated to Universal Children’s Day starts in Chisinau

In Chisinau there will take place International Junior Tennis Competition from 26th May to 8th June. The competition is dedicated to Universal Children’s Day.

In the competition 180 sportsmen will participate. They will present such countries as Moldova, Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Slovenia, Italy, Latvia and other countries.

As it was said in the Federation the competition will be organized in 2 different age groups between singles and doubles. From 26th May to 1st June the competition will be held among children up to 12 years old and from 2nd to 8th June between Juniors up to 16 years old.

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In Chisinau International Theatre Festival named in honor of Eugene Ionescu will take place

From 24 May to 1 June the International Theatre Festival named in honor of Eugene Ionescu will take place in Chisinau. This information was provided by Mihai Cocieru, vice president of theatre actors union.

He said that “the festival will take place for the 8th time. Spectators are waited by 4 performances in several theatres: Theatre of Opera and Ballet, Theatre named in honor of Chekhov, Theatre named in honor of Eminescu and Puppet Theater Licurici”.

Organizers of the event are Theatre Actors Union, Theatre named in honor of Eugene Ionescu and Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Moldova.

For the first time such festival took place in 1994. Since that time the festival is held once every 2 years.

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Exhibitions “Food&Drinks. Good Technology 2008” and “Packaging. Depot” open in Moldova on Wednesday
Exhibitions “Food&Drinks. Good Technology 2008” and “Packaging. Depot” open in Moldova on Wednesday. They will work up to 25 May. In the exhibition of the novelties in the food, drinks, raw materials and equipment for food industry 150 companies take place. They represent 12 countries: Moldova, Belarus, Bulgaria, Hungary, Germany, Poland, Russia, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Ukraine and France. They will present their production in 3 exhibition pavilions each of which will be divided into several topics. More than 70 per cent of items will be from Moldova. In the exhibition “Packaging. Depot” (packing, raw materials and equipment) 55 companies from 7 countries will take part. These are such countries as Belarus, Bulgaria, Moldova, Poland, Russia, Romania and Ukraine. Here will be presented equipment for producing packing, bunching machines, raw materials for packing, labels and lots more. Informational source:

“The world of bells” is presented in the National Museum of Archaeology and History

On the International Museum Day there opened exhibition “The world of the bells” in the National Museum of Archaeology and History. It shows more than 260 items from the museum vaults, state university and private collections.

Here are little and big bells. Some of them were user not to lose animals, others for calling servants, others are cultic, others churchy and many other bells. Here are presented bells made of silver, porcelain, glass and other materials. Some bells were found on the territory of Moldova, however there are also bells which came from Japan, China and India. They belong to private collections owners.

The exhibitions lasts till 18 August.

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“Art soiree – 2008” takes place in Chisinau on Friday

“Art soiree – 2008” takes place in Chisinau on Friday in the pavilion of “Moldexpo”. The action in which 150 artists and sculptors take part takes place for the fifth time at instigation of International Women Club of Moldova (IWCM).

A quarter of money means fetched from selling paintings and sculptures authors contribute to charity fund IWCM. The entrance fee is 100 lei. The money collected are intended to charity.

The club is working in Moldova for already 10 years. As a donation there were collected 95 000 US dollars which were rendered to 62 charitable organizations.

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The museums prepare to their big day

For several years museums of Moldova celebrate not only International Museum Day itself but also organize very interesting events in the eve of it.

For instance, The National Museum of Ethnography and Natural History starts celebration on Friday. This day the exhibition "Hobby-marathon" opens. At the exhibition children from Chisinau creative studios show their works. On Saturday the museum invites amateur theatres and presents its Ethnography and Natural History Magazine.

On Sunday all museum guests may see exotic birds in the Museum Botanic Garden , enjoy the concert program by ensemble “Etnos” and performance “Games in the pavilion”.

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Moldova wines won 3 silver medals in France

On the 15th International Tasting Competition of wine and strong drinks "Concours Mondial de Bruxelles - 2008", which took place in French town Bordeaux, Moldovan wines won 3 silver medals.

Iurie Mudrea, the chief of analysis and prognosis management of “Moldova-Vin” said that organizers of the competition try to enlarge the area of the contest. This year the contest takes place in Bordeaux, the heart of the famous French vineyards.

Wine-makers from 48 countries took part in the "Concours Mondial de Bruxelles - 2008". They submitted to approval of 230 specialists from 40 countries 6 thousands types of wines and strong drinks.

After 3 days of tasting 1787 medals were given to different drinks. Among them there are 1179 golden, 550 silver and 58 bronze medals.

3 silver medals of this prestigious contests were awarded to wines produced by Moldovan company "Acorex Wine Holding".

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The final stage of destroying pesticides will take place in Moldova

Tuesday in Moldova there started the final stage of removal and utilization of outdated pesticides within the project “Management and disposal of reserves of persistent organic pollutants”.

The project is sponsored by Global Environmental Facility via Word Bank and Moldova Government. The aim of the project is to accomplish the National plan for integration Stockholm Convention on persistent organic pollutants admitted by Government in 2004.

Until now 1255 tones of pesticides are taken out of 10 regions in Moldova. They all are delivered to France to be destroyed.

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2nd place on the “WebTop” competition

Last Friday annual competition “WebTop” took place. What’s “Webtop”? This is competition of the best web-sites created in Moldova or about Moldova. So, the best Moldovan web-sites are awarded. Every year more and more web-sites take part in the competition. The competition took place for the 7th time.

This year our site took the 2nd place on “WebTop” in the category “Virtual Moldova”. That category included sites about Moldova in general, its cities and villages.

Trade fair of the things made by disabled persons opens in Chisinau

In the capital National Palace on Thursday there opens trade fair of the works made by disabled persons.

The action takes place under the name “All people are different, all people are equal”. The main aim of the action is to show talent and skills of disabled people and to stimulate their interest toward creativity, especially children.

Organizers of the trade fair are Ministry of Social Protection, Family and Children and Ministry of Education and Youth and also non-governmental organizations working in the social protection sphere.

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Planting of the young vineyards plantations started

In the south and central regions of Moldova planting of the young vineyards plantations started. That’s what National Institution of Vine and Wine informed about.

New plantations appeared in such regions as Cahul, Causani, Hincesti, Nisporeni and Telenesti.

According to National Institution of Vine and Wine inhabitants of Florest, Falesti, Riscani and Rezina regions are also interested in planting new vineyards. They sign contracts for buying planting stocks of table grapes which are frost proof and disease resistant.

It is planed to plant 10 thousand hectares with new vineyards plantations in 2008.

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“Tourism. Leisure. Hotels -2008” Exhibition opens at “MoldExpo”

XIII Specialized Forum “Tourism. Leisure. Hotels” takes place from 9 to 12 April at the International Exhibition Center “Moldexpo”.

This year representatives of 170 companies will participate in the exhibition. It will be the biggest exhibition from all previous ones. The exhibition will be held in 2 pavilions and will occupy the area of about four thousand square meters.

There will be presented for the first time administrations of such tourism zones as Glodeni, Dubassari, Criuleni, Calaras, Orhei, Soroca, Rezina and other regions. All these regions will show their tourism routes and will their present investment possibilities.

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Economic forum of businessman from Moldova and Slovakia starts

Economic forum of businessman from Moldova and Slovakia takes place in Chisinau on Monday. It is organized in the framework of official 2-day visit by Minister of Foreign Affairs of Slovakia, Jan Kubis, to Republic of Moldova.

Business meeting of businessmen of these two countries is held under aegis of Moldovan Investment and Export Promotion Organization included into Ministry of Economics and Trade. It was said that more than 50 economic agents from Moldova and representatives of more than 12 Slovak companies, working in such fields as construction, wine making, tourism, transport and other, will take part in the forum.

According to National Statistics Bureau Export of Moldovan goods to Slovakia amounted about $9 000 000 in 2007. In the same time Moldova imported from Slovakia goods for $17 000 000.

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Japan supports small business of Moldova

Tokyo gave the forth tranche for developing small and medium business in Moldova. That is what Deputy Minister of Economics and Trade, Viorel Melnic, informed about last Friday.

Three million dollars will be arranged among native economic agents. There are special requirements applied to these agents. They include business plan for the future project, assets as minimum 25 000 leu and buying just equipment for the production.

According to program executive director, Tudor Copchan, businessmen may get from 40 to 230 thousand dollars. If within the first year a credit will be called in to 60 per cent other 40 per cent will be written off.

The funds are given with zero bank rate and without property as security.

Within 3 years of implementation of credit tranche of Japanese government economic agents from Drochia to Giurgiulesti recruited their funds.

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Portugueses will “discover” Moldova

Delegation consisting of Portuguese businessman will visit Moldova in a period from 9th to 11th April.

Moldovan Export and Placement of funds Organization notified that the main aim of the visit is searching the partners and estimation investment opportunities of the republic.

Portuguese businessman will have some meetings and conversations to Moldovan colleagues, will plan some ways of patching up the effective co-operation.

According to preliminary data the delegation will consist of representatives of such companies as Centrofarm, Cinclus, Consulga, DECMA, Efacec, Lusitània, Martifer – Prio SGPS, Monte Adriano, Mota Engil, Soares da Costa, which are working in the spheres of transport, pharmaceutics, finances, construction and infrastructure development.

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Tasting of Moldovan wines took place in Chisinau

Production of 7 wine companies which are included into Guild of Moldovan wine-makers was offered for tasting on the exhibition “Wines of the World & German Cuisine” in the Grman city Düsseldorf.

Moldovan wines were presented at the same stand and they attracted a lot of attention of marketing specialists, journalists, specializing in wine-making and other participants of the exhibition. Moldovan wine-makers are known in many countries and often are invited to specialized exhibitions and fairs. This information was provided by vice-president of the company Lion Gri, Nelly Sonic.

Republic of Moldova was presented on the exhibition by such companies as "Acorex Wine Holding", "Vinaria Bostavan", "Chateau Vartely", "DK Intertrade", "Dionysos Mereni", "Lion Gri" è "Vinaria Purcari".

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Wines of 3 Moldovan companies are included to the catalogue “1000 Vins du Monde”

Wines of 3 wine companies of Moldova won the highest awards in the prestigious specialized competition in France. They will be included into catalogue “1000 World Wines”( 1000 Vins du Monde).

Authoritative jury, members of which are famous world enologists, gave 234 golden awards in 2008. Moldovan wine company “Lion-Gri” is one of awarded companies. The Gold was given to white sparkling wine “Simposium” of 2004.

Two of 706 silver medals were given to red wines “Merlot 2005” from "Chateau Vartely" and "Pinot Noir 2005" from "DK-Intertrade" SRL.

Wines awarded by golden and silver medals automatically are included to the annual catalogue “1000 World Wines”.

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Hello Martisor!

“Hello Martisor!” Such an exhibition of the Republic Florist Club “Diana” opened in the Polish library named after Adam Bernard Mickiewicz.

The wonderful spring extravaganza by Lilia Margine is born from dry rose petals, hyacinths, blades and straws. She created such works as “Spring rain” and “Legend about Martisor”. Olga Olhovskaya created from floral material her “March male cat”. The compositions by Tatiana Pirojok from the serial “Alyoshka” also have a spring mood. There is Alyoshka with shanghai in the pocket and also Alyoshka with a martisor on the composition “Present for Mummy”. Here’s also “Spring breath” – a girl in pink dresses inclined to pink butterfly.

The attention is attracted by a big picture – the composition from rose petals in wicker basket, put into frame.

The exhibition lasts till the end of March.

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In the republic sowing of spring grains started

Taking into consideration advantageous spring weather agriculturalists started sowing spring grains in south regions according to Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry.

In Gagauzia, and such regions as Cahul, Cantemir and Leova sowing of spring barley, wheat, oats and medic is accomplished. Mechanizers run mineral feed of winter grains.

Specialists recommend to accomplish spring sowing campaign as soon as possible. It’s necessary for conservation of water in the soil.

On spring it’s planned to sow about 50 hundred hectares by barley, 3 hundred hectares by wheat and 5 hundred hectares by oat.

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The first annyversary!

Today our site became 1 year old! On the 1st March 2007 in the Internet there appeared site, which had as an aim to tell the word about Moldova, to help the tourists to find the information and to satisfy the interest of curious people.

We did a lot in the first year! We hope that we brought a joy to you. We will continue to work! We will add more interesting and useful information to the site! We will impatiently wait your questions and proposals.

We are happy to celebrate our first anniversary with you and we are grateful for your interest towards us!

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