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Charitable concert for gathering funds for homeless animals will take place in Chisinau

This concert is organized by animal-care association called Alga. This association also opened a special account for those who want to support this initiative.

According to News-Moldova such exponents as Constantin Moscovich, Margarita Ivanush, Savanna band, dance ensemble Satrita will participate in the concert which will take place in the National Philharmonics.

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Yield of the vineyards in Moldova leaves much to be desired.

Yield of the vineyards in Moldova leaves much to be desired. This is what "News-Moldova" informs about with the reference to agro-industrial agency "Moldova-Vin". Its specialists claim that in spite of taking efforts to increase the yield a big share of old vineyards (16%) empoisons the results of increasing the yield.

A big part (27%) of vineyards is not well cared for. Just half from 430 000 hectares of vineyards may give amber grapes of high quality.

This is why it is planned to root up 27 000 hectares of old vineyards in the republic.

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Moldavian wines are included to the list of one thousand of the best wines in the world.

Moldavian wines are included to the list of one thousand of the best wines in the world. Six types of Moldavian wines got medals on the international competition "Les Vinalies Internationales 2007".

According to "News-Moldova" (with the refference to 4 types of wines produced by "Acorex Wine Holding" and 2 types produced by "Lion Gri" got silver medals.

The competition "Les Vinalies Internationales 2007" which took place in Paris this March, is one of the most important and authoriative gustations. Members of jury are highly skilled experts whose professionalism is recognized in the whole world. They choose the best wines which are included to the list “1000 wines of the world”. This list is a real guide for the majority of wine merchants and vignerons.

Moldavian wines become medallists of the competition "Les Vinalies Internationales" not for the first time. Thus, in 2006 the list included 5 moldavian wines: four made by "Acorex Wine Holding" and one by "DK-Intertrade".

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Economics forum, members of which are representatives of business establishments from Sweden and Moldova, will take place in Chisinau

Thursday, economics forum, members of which are representatives of business establishments from Sweden and Moldova, will take place in Chisinau.

According to News-Moldova it will take place within the framework of official visit of International Development and Collaboration Minister of Sweden, Gunilla arlsson. Representatives of such companies as Ericsson, Tetrapack, ABB, Lindab, SCA and Plannja are members of the delegation. These companies are interested in fence-meending with the enterprises in Moldova.

Early March Sweden Government passed new Collaboration Policy with Moldova for 2007-2010. It provides backing of Moldova in holding reforms in the process of European integration. The aid will be mainly aimed at implementation of effective governance, re-enforcement of competitive abitlity in the rural area and descrease of the vulnerability of energetics sphere. According to the strategy, the volume of aid by Sweden will account 11 million euro a year.

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City Council accepted general layout of Chisinau

According to News-Moldova on Thursday, 22 March, City Council accepted general layout of the capital of Moldova.

The document was developed by institution Urbanproject with collaboration of IHS Bucuresti and Business Consulting Institut.

According to the decision taken validity of the city development is 18 years: from 2007 to 2025.

Acting chief architect of Chisinau, Nicon Zaporojan, called this decision by City Council to be historic, because the document has strategic importance for the city development.

Further while calculating the capital budget there will be taken into consideration financial requirements pointed out in the general layout.

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Ministry of culture and tourism of the Republic of Moldova and Federal Tourist Agency of Russian Federation signed agreement for collaboration

According to News-Moldova, which refers to press-service of the RM Embassy in Russian Federation, ministry of culture and tourism of the Republic of Moldova and Federal Tourist Agency of Russian Federation signed agreement for collaboration on the international exhibition Inturmarket.

It is denoted that this document provides establishment of legal base for the following development of tourist exchanges between the Republic of Moldova and Russian Federation as well as between state and other companies from this sphere.

In the framework of exhibition Infoturmarket-2007 representatives of the Republic of Moldova had a meeting with the administration of Caucasus Mineral Waters (Stavropoulos region). The sides showed interest in collaboration in the sphere of culture and tourism. Delegation of Russian Federation is going to visit Moldova in the period when there will be celebrated National Wine Holiday.

Moldova takes part in the international exhibition Inturmarket for the first time. Its mount shows tourist potential of the country for different directions: Wine way of Moldova, agro-tourism, cultural-enlightenment tourism, business tourism.

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Wine companies from Moldova participated in XIV international exhibition of wines and alcoholic drinks in Dusseldorf

According to News-Moldova exhibition PROWEIN 2007 will take part from 18 to 20 March. Such companies as Acorex Wine Holding, Chateau Vartely, DK-Intertrade, Dionysos-Mereni, Vinaria Purcari, Vinaria Bostavan, Lion-Gri, Deus-Vin and "Kvint" will present thei production.

In the exhibition there will take part 2 800 companies from 41 world countries. Annual exhibiton ProWein is recognized the biggest in this sphere. It presents wide range of wines and alcoholic drinks. The exhibition is aimed to specialists sellers, importers and exporters, representatives of hotel and restaurant industries.

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Exhibitions "Moldconstruct" and "Moldenergy" will take place in Chisinau

According to "News-Moldova" this year in the "Moldexpo" pavilions there will show their production 200 producers and distributors from Austria, Belorussia, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Romania, Russia, Turkey and Ukraine.

Almost one third of the companies participate in the exhibitions for the first time. About 2 thirds are Moldavian companies.

In the context of the exhibition there will take place seminars, conferences and presentations and also competitions "Application of the newest materials, effective construction mechanisms and technologies", "The best architectural project". Exhibitions are organized with the support of the Ministry of Industry and Infrastructure as well as the support of Agency of Construction and Territory development.

Monday there will take place 3 matches of 24th stage of National Football Championship

According to "News-Moldova" Monday will meet 2 football teams from the capital - "Zimbru" and "Polytechnic". In Balti Football Club "Tiraspol" will try to win local "Olympia". And also "Tiligul-Tiras" (Tiraspol) try strength against "Dinamo" from Bender.

On the eve there took place 2 matches of this stage: the leader of the championship "Sherif" from Tiraspol couldn't run away "Iskra-Stal" from Ribnitsa (0-0) and "Dacia" from Chisinau yield the victory to "Nistru" from Otaci in the home match (0-2).

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In April in Shanghai there will take place presentation of Moldavian wine

At 20-21 April in Shanghai, the one of the biggest cities in China there will take place presentation of Moldavian alcohol production.

According to director of Office of Public Affairs of "Moldova-Vin", Yury Mudrya, this presentation fits the program of numerous actions which will be organized this year with the aim to promote Moldavian wines on the foreign markets including unconventional markets.

In the first half of the year festivals of Moldovan it is supposed to make wine production festivals in Russia, Slovenia, Poland? Romania and other countries.

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Tobacco branch potential isn't used at full capacity in Moldova

Tobacco branch potential isn't used at full capacity in Moldova. Vasily Tarlev, prime-minister of Moldova, told about that Friday on a special session dedicated to development of this traditional for Moldova branch of agriculture.

In Tarlev's opinion it is necessary to introduce new technologies into tobacco farming and processing and Chisinau tobacco combine "Tutun-CTC" should take more active part in purchase of the raw material for the following export.

Prime-minister launched the initiative to establish industrial council which should have as members representatives of Tobacco Producers Association, subject ministry and specialists of other departments.

According to Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry this year overall area of tobacco plantations will be 5.6 thousands hectares. Toward 2010 year it's supposed to increase the overall area up to 10 thousand hectares.

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The second day of Martsishor will take place on the main concert grounds in Chisinau

Friday in the frames of international music festival "Martsishor" there will take place concerts on the all main stages og the capital of Moldova.

According to "News-Moldova" it is planed show by Alexander Tihanovich and Yadviga Poltavskaya with the legendary Ensemble "Blue Bird" (Belorussia) in the National Palace.

In the Organ Hall there will take place concert by chamber choir headed by conductor Ilona Stepan.

In the National Philharmonic Hall named after Sergey Lunkevich there will take place symphony concert with the participation of soloists Alexandra Konunova and Mihay Unguryanu who live nowadays in Germany.

In the National Opera and Ballet theatre Chisinau public may enjoy the show given by Russian singer Dima Bilan.

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The "Martsishor" will be celebrated in many countries

The holiday called "Martsishor", which symbolizes coming of the spring, will be celebrated in many countries in the world. In the frames of Inter-Parliamentary Assembly of the Commonwealth of Independent States it is planed to organize concert program in Saint Petersburg.

This is about what told Minister of Cultural Affairs and Tourism Arthur Kozma on the press conference which took place on Friday, 23 February.

He mentioned that according to diplomatic delegation traditions Moldovan expatriates in Moscow cities in Ukraine, Belorussia, Italy and other countries will celebrate the holiday.

Kozma also told that from he was working as Ambassador in Israel in due time and he knows how serious Moldavians in other countries prepare for this holiday.

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Severe frosts might harm grapes in Moldova

Experts of agro-industrial agency "Moldova-Vin" suppose that table grapes might be harmed by severe frosts last week.

According to Head of Wine-Growing Technologic Politics Department, Vladimir Chebotari, Saturday morning, on 24 February, the temperature was -17C. "Under such frosts such table grapes as Victoria, Cardinal and Queen are harmed more than others"- he told.

Chebotari reminded that last year table grapes were also harmed by frosts and that's why productivity was just 2 tones per hectare instead of common 7-8 tones.

"It's important frosts not to harm industrial grapes. There are prognoses that industrial grapes harvest will be 500 thousands tones in 2007" mentioned the Head of Department according to "News-Moldova" agency.

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Foreign investments to Moldovan economics increased

Volume of direct foreign investments to the economics of the Republic of Moldova in 2006 increased to 26.2 percent in comparison with the previous year. It accounts 336.48 million USA dollars according to "News-Moldova" agency. It refers to data by National Bank of Moldova.

Investments to authorized capital increased to 12.4 percent, investments to bank sector of Moldova is13.7 times bigger. Reinvested earnings account 42.32 million dollars.

At the same time the volume of credit financing of the offsprings by parent companies reduced from 86.92 million dollars to 58.46 million dollars.

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Ministry of Health is the most effective

Press Service of the Ministry of Health is called by Moldovan newsman the one of the most effective.

It got about 13 percent of votes in public opinion poll which was quizzed by members of Public Relations Experts Association.

In this poll participated more than 50 newsmen from Chisinau and Balti, who work for different newspapers, magazines, informational agencies, TV, radio and Internet-editions.

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