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The new sector will appear in Chisinau

It is planned to start construction of a new sector in Chisinau, the capital of Moldova. This was discussed on a work meeting with responsible persons which was lead by the president of Moldova, Vladimir Voronin.

It is supposed that new housing estate will occupy territory of more than 50 hectares. It will neighbor with communes Budesti and Togatino.

Executive chief of Building and Territory Development Agency, Igor Semenovker, represented detailed plan of future micro-district where will be built 10 thousands of apartments, commercial and administrative centers and other.

The President said that this project should be role model in the future and asked to define sources of financial covering the future expenses.

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New article about the capital of Moldova - Chisinau appeared

Chisinau is the capital of Moldova. It is the largest city of the country and its political, administrative, economical and cultural centre.

Where the name of Chisinau derives from? The most spread version is that the name of the city derived from "chisla noua" that means "new spring" if to translate from Romanian. It is considered that the spring around which the city was built is situated on the corner of Pushkin and Albisoara streets.

Chisinau has its own emblem and flag. They've changed for several times . Today emblem was designed after Bessarabia was joined to Romania. It represents escutcheon with a golden eagle on the azure background on it. The eagle has pectoral escutcheon on which there's emblem of Moldovan principality (head of the bull, star, rose and half-moon). This emblem was restored after USSR dissolution. The modern flag of Chisinau represents white cloth with the emblem of the city situated on the center of it. The emblem is laid over semiabstract twigged line of white and brown flowers.

You may read full article here

Wine companies of Moldova will participate in the international wine and alcoholic drinks exhibition in London

«News-Moldova» with the reference to press-service of Ministry of Economics and Trade informs that wine companies of Moldova will participate in the international wine and alcoholic drinks exhibition which is opened in London on Wednesday.

The main aim of the exhibition is to represent to the visitors high-quality assortment of wine production, to expand sales area and to increase sales.

Moldova will be presenter by such companies as Purcari, Bostovan, Dionis Club, Dionysis Mereni, Chateau Vartely, Acorex, Lion Gri.

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Days of Slavonic literature and culture will take place in Moldova from 21 May to 26 May

Director of Inter-Ethnic Relations Bureau, Olga Goncharova, informed that celebrations will start from the laying of flowers to the eminent representatives of Slavonic literature and culture and will continue by performance by top bell-ringers of the cathedrals.

In the cathedral of St. prince Vladimir and St. George Church there will take place communion dedicated to the sanctified equal-to-apostles brothers Cyril and Methodius.

In the program there are also festivals, mass open-air merrymakings and concerts. Holiday guests will be also invited to conferences, poetry evening, Round Tables, meetings with the young writers and poets. There will be also organized Olympiads, quizzes, excursions, exhibitions of Slavonic painters, books presentations, exhibitions of antiques and handworks by local handymen.

Annual celebration of Days of Slavonic literature in Moldova contributes to development of inter-cultural dialog and consolidation of affiliation between the representatives of different ethnic groups, living in the Republic.

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The Government obliged “Moldova-Vin” to plant 10 000 hectares of vineyards

The Government of the Republic obliged “Moldova-Vin” to increase annual widening of vineyards up to 10 000 hectares. Till the end of this year there should be developed and given to affirmation of Cabinet Alienage about vinicultural cadastre.

According to “News-Moldova” in a special resolution of Government, that was published in “Monitorul Oficial” issued on Friday, it is noticed that instead of planned widening of vineyards up to 9 500 hectares there were planted 9 700 hectares of vineyards in 2005-2006. The amount of subsidies to winegrowers reached 170 000 000 leus in 2005-2006.

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Exhibitions «Food&Drinks. Food Technology» and «Packaging. Depot» opened in Chisinau on Wednesday

On the 14th exhibition of foods, drinks, raw materials and equipment for food industry and 12th exhibition of tare, packing, materials and equipment for their production there participate 200 representatives from 12 countries. Coming of business people from Armenia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Germany, Israel, Italy, Poland, Romania, Turkey, Ukraine and France is expected. At the same time more than 65 per cent of items are produced in Moldova.

In the framework of the exhibitions there will be presented novelties of world technologies, tendences and developments in the food production sphere. There will also take place presentations of trade marks and famous brands.

According to News-Moldova the organizer of the exhibitions is «Moldexpo» with the help of Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry.

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Natalia Babru, representative of Moldova on the contest «Eurovision-2007», got into top ten

Natalia Babru, representative of Moldova on the contest «Eurovision-2007» which took place in Helsinki, got into top ten with the song «Fight».

The first place was given to Serbian singer Maria Serifovich, who performed a song called «Prayer». Verka Serduchka from Ukraine got the second place with the song «Dancing Lasha Tumbai». Russian «Serebro» with the composition «Song number one» got the third place.

In the musical contest participated representatives of 42 countries, 24 of which got to the final.

Natalia Barbu success allows to Moldova to participate in the final of the contest next year without any preliminary contestation.

For the first time Moldova participated in the contest «Eurovision» in 2005. That year the band «Zdob si Zdub» got the 6th place. Last year in Athens duet Arsiniy and Natalia Gordienco took just 20th place.

The country whose representative wins gets the right to host the contest «Eurovision» next year. Thus, «Eurovision-2008» will take place in Belgrade.

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New article about Old Orhei

Archaelogical complex Old Orhei is one of the most beautiful sights in Moldova. An article about this wonderful place appeared on our site.

The archaeological complex Old Orhei is an open-air museum situated between the villages Trebujeni and Butuceni 60 km North East from Chisinau.

This territory was peopled from the early times. At this place were established many cities. The first city established here was called Orhei. The name Orhei means "fortification". Then at the beginning of XIV century the Golden Horde conquered this territory. The oriental city called Shehr al-Cedid was built here. Shehr al-Cedid is translated as "New City". At the middle of XIV century this town disappears. A new town Orhei appears at this place. At the middle of XVI century Orhei inhabitants moved 18 km to the North. Later there's established a new city with the name Orhei. The name of archaeological reservation derives from the name of that medieval city Orhei which became referred to as «Old Orhei».

You may read more about Old Orhei here

In Chisinau there opened youth art exhibition "Message to Europe"

According to "News-Moldova" Tuesday youth art exhibition "Message to Europe" opened in the building of the Republic theatre "Licurici".

The main aim of the action, confined to Day of Europe celebrated on 9 May, is cultural interaction and acquaintance of young people with European values. It was Paolo Berizzi, the head of politics and economics department of European Commission delegation, who defined this main aim of the action.

On the exhibition students of the pictorial art lyceum "Igor Vieru" represented their art seeing of such concepts as "democracy" and "freedom".

The organizer and the main sponsor is European Commission. It contributed 12 000 euro for the complex of cultural and sport actions for Day of Europe celebration.

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In the Moldovan banking system assets increase

In the Moldovan banking system assets comprised 24.87 bln. leus in the first 3 months. National Bank of Moldova announced that this is 9.2 percent more than in the same period of the previous year.

Tier one capital, which represents paying capacity of banks in the difficult and unpredictable finantional conditions or in the crisis situation, increased to 6.8 percent and it accounts 4 059 mln. leus.

Share of foreign investments to the bank capital reached 64 precent that is 1.3 percent more than at the beginning of the year. It is a result of increasing the registered capital on account of sareholders-non-residents.

Bank liabilities amounts 20.6 bln. leus that is 9.8 precent more than at the beginning of the year. In particular natural persons' deposits increased on 10.6 percent up to 10.217 bln. leus.

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Government tends to make favourable environment for business development in Moldova

Government tends to make favourable environment for business development in the country. This is what the Minister of Economics and Commerce, Igor Dodon, told about on the opening of the conference «Development of infrastructure of small entities support».

According to «News-Moldova» Dodon explained that for realization of this aim the Cabinet is working on about 100 bills which are intented to create favourable conditions for business development in the Republic of Moldova.

Head of the delegation of European Comission in Moldova Cesare De Montis reported that he will continue the work which supports the economics reformation in Moldova.

The conference is taking place within the International Forum of small entities.

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Preparing for Victory Day started in Chisinau

Preparing for Victory Day celebration started in Chisinau. According to “News-Moldova” this is what acting mayor of Chisinau, Petr Svet, told about on the regular city hall session.

He told that till the end of this week monuments and memorable places and places where mass arrangements will take place in the high days will be cleared up.

Svet told that celebration will start near the monument to Stefan the Great. Here will present heads of the state, veterans, pupils and students. Then on the Great National Meeting Square will take place the concert dedicated to all those who fight and all those who died in this war. In this concert will participate famous music Moldovan ensembles, singers of patriotic and folk songs and also famous dance group “Joc”.

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“Moldova-film” jubilates

Celebrations confined to 55 years of «Moldova-film» picture factory establishment took place in Chisinau last Friday.

In the grand meeting dedicated to anniversary took place representatives of Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Cinematography Department, veterans of native cinematography and those who personify the modern Moldovan cinematography.

In the building of the picture factory opening of Cinematography Museum took place. Its items tell about the most cheerful moments of the history of Moldovan Cinematography. There also have been shown documental film «Moldova-film – 55 ani» (translated as “Moldova-film is 55 years old”).

This picture factory was established in 1952. Here worked such eminent producers as Emil Lotyanu, Valeriu Gadjiu, Vasile Paskaru, Valeriu Jereghi and others. Many of the movies shot were rewarded on the international film festivals.

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Week of information technologies starts in the capital of Moldova

Week of information technologies starts in the capital of Moldova on 23 April. It takes place under the aegis of Ministry of Information Development (MID). According to «News-Moldova» this year the aim of the actions planned is to set the dialog between all interested sides (authority, business, international and non-governmental organizations) for establishment and development of information-oriented society in the republic. Special attention in the program of IT Week will be given to International Forum BIT + «Information Technologies 2007». The Forum like in the former years will be organized with the active help of state structures with the participation of scientists, representatives of native and international IT-companies.

In the framework of IT Week XV International exhibition «COMINFO MOLDOVA - 2007» will take place from 25 to 28 April in Chisinau. Here will be presented all players of information-communication technologies in Moldova.

Moreover it is supposed to organize IV International Competition for information safety. It's major aim is to activate research activities of the students, postgraduates and young scientists in the sphere of information safety.

At the second half of IT Week there will take place such events as session of working groups under the Committee of regional communities in the communication sphere, the ceremony of bestowal of winners of the competition of the best web-site made in Moldova and for Moldova and also bestowal of winners of the Republic Olympiad of Computer Science for Pupils (the Olympiad takes place between 27 and 29 April).

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Moldovan weight-lifter became Europe Champion

Europe championship of weight-lifting started last Wednesday in Strasbourg. Moldovan sportsman Igor Bur became the champion for the weight up to 56 kg at the first day of competition.

The other representative of Moldova – Igor Grabucha – became the owner of bronze.

Silver was taken by Belorussian Vitalii Derbenev.

Wednesday athletes whose weight is up to 62 kg will also participate in the competition. Here Moldova will be presented by Oleg Sirghi and Vladimir Popov.

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In Moldova the monument to Geidar Aliev will be fixed up

The monument to the first president of Azerbaijan, Geidar Aliev, will be fixed up in Comrat, the capital of autonomous-territorial formation Gagauz Eri as a part of Moldova. This initiative is taken into cognizance of.

The head of ATF Mihail Formuzal declared about necessity to eternize several historical personalities. It is proposed to rear monuments to ex-president of Turkey Suleiman Demirel and classic of Russian literature Alexander Pushkin.

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In Chisinau ecologists forum takes place

In Chisinau there takes place the forum of ecologists who coordinate the international project SPARE. This is «News-Moldova» was told about in the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Moldova.

Representatives of 15 countries participate in the forum. It will last till 15th April.

The aim of the project SPARE is to help the young people to learn the problems of modern energetics and to rational usage of natural resources. 80 schools and other educational institutions are taking part in the project.

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International exhibition «TOURISM. LEISURE. HOTELS» starts working in the capital of Moldova

International exhibition «TOURISM. LEISURE. HOTELS» starts working in Chisinau, the capital of Moldova, on 11th April. According to «News-Moldova» it amounts more than 120 participants from 10 countries. There will be presented Moldovan and foreign tourist companies and agencies, airlines, hotels, sanatoriums, tourist complexes and local agencies and headquarters of State Power which are gate-keeping tourism problems. The exhibition is held with the support of Ministry of Culture and Tourism, National associations, tourist agencies and rural, ecological and cultural tourism of Moldova.

Local administrations of the most important tourist regions of Moldova (Orhei, Soroca, Hincesti, Criuleni, Calarasi) will be presented by unitary mount.

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Head of the International Monetary Fund Representation values the results of collaboration with the official powers of Moldova.

International Monetary Fund values the results of carriage the program of financing by the Republic of Moldova. This is the head of IMF Representation, Johan Mathisen, told about on Tuesday while meeting the chairman of the Parliament, Marian Lupu.

Johan Mathisen said that Moldova carries out the obligations in accordance with the requirements and terms stipulated by the memorandum about collaboration between IMF and RM. Marian Lupu emphasized that the Republic of Moldova will continue to carry out the obligations taken, including the development of financial sector.

Nicolai Bondarciuc, chairman of the Parliament Committee of Economics, Budget and Finances, reported that in the framework of establishment of mega-regulator of financial market in the Republic of Moldova there will be presented package of the documents which regulate the activity of the National Committee of capital issues, joint-stock companies and so on.

IMF representative emphasized the significance of the fact that this package fits the framework which was mentioned by the Government and the Fund.

While meeting the forthcoming visit of the new evaluative mission of the Fund was discussed.

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All 16 Moldovan banks are included to the list of 1000 banks of countries in CIS with the biggest assets.

All 16 Moldovan banks are included to the list of 1000 banks of countries in CIS with the biggest assets according to «News-Moldova» which refers to As it is noticed the list is composed by Interfax and is published in the newspaper called «Commersant». According to it «Moldova Agroindbanc» is on the 200th place($365,2mln), «Banca de economii» is on the 236th place ($270mln), «Victoriabanc » is on the 287th place ($204,1mln), «Moldindconbanc» is on the 309th place ($182,6mln), «Mobiasbanc» is on the 367th place ($151,1mln), «Banca Sociala» is on 414th place ($122mln), «Eximbanc» is on 443th place ($106,6mln), «Fincombanc» is on 493th place ($91,6 mln), «BCR Chisinau» is on 627th place ($63,2mln), «Energbanc» is on 676th place ($52,7mln), «Investprivatbanc» is on 693th place ($50,2mln), «Unibanc» is on 730th place ($46,6mln), «Universalbanc» is on 960th place ($22,6mln), «Comertbanc» is on 963th place ($22,4mln), «EuroCreditBanc» is on 983th place ($14mln).

The first place in the list occupies Russian «Sberbanc».

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