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Before traveling to the foreign country tourists have to think about accommodation. Moldova is not an exception in this rule. Foreign visitors have two possible variants for accommodation in Moldova: renting an apartment or staying in the hotel.

You may find hotels in Moldova not in every village or town. However many foreign visitors come to the capital of Moldova and there are many hotels in Chisinau. So, if you come to capital city you will have no problem with a hotel. If you go to other town in Moldova there’s hotel almost for sure. However those who go to Moldovan villages should better clarify if there’s a hotel or any other accommodation in that nook of the country.

Hotels in Moldova are absolutely different. Some of them are big, others are rather bed-and-breakfast. Some of the hotels are located in the city center close to different offices, night clubs, shops and entertainments. Other hotels are located in calm part of the city. Every hotel in Chisinau has its own advantages and disadvantages. So, everyone should choose what’s better for him. However you should never forget that every hotel is happy to every visitor and hotels in Moldova will gladly welcome you on your arrival.

Different hotels also offer different services. Some of them offer free transfer from the airport, others don’t. Some hotels don’t include even breakfast in the price. Some hotels have air-conditioning, others offer just fan and some have no even fan. There are rooms with bath-tube and with shower-tube in the hotel. So, before booking a room in the hotel in Moldova you should specify all the details. Even if some things seem to be obligatory for you anyway it’s better to ask and be sure.

That's logical that hotels with different conditions, locations and services have different prices. Hotels in Chisinau are quite expensive. The prices for single room start from 25 euro and the most expensive hotel has the price of 120 euro. You should also know that if you come for the National Wine Day to Moldova it is better to book hotel well in advance because at that time all the hotels in Chisinau have no free rooms and it is difficult to find accommodation in Chisinau at that period.

Have you finally decided to come to Moldova? Then choose the most suitable accommodation and welcome to this nook of the world. You are always welcome here and we will gladly meet you in our country!

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Many people in the world have never heard about Moldova. They even wonder that such country exists. Then follow timid wild guesses of its location: Africa! Asia! No? Where it may be? However that happens through no fault of those people. ThereТs too few information about Moldova in the Internet. So, the time to tell the world about Moldova came!
Moldova is a small country which is situated in the Eastern Europe on 47 N, 29 E.