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International Specialized Exhibition “Furniture 2008” starts in Chisinau

International Specialized Exhibition “Furniture 2008” will take place in Chisinau in a period of 24-28 September at “Moldexpo” pavilions.

“Furniture” is the only exhibition of mobile furniture business in Moldova. On the exhibition producers meet some investors, distributors and buyers.

Participants think that the exhibition is one of the main events in this sphere.

On the exhibition there will present their production more than 100 companies from such countries as Moldova, Ukraine, Belarus, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Russia, Romania, Poland and Turkey.

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Bender is preparing for 600th anniversary

At 6th October the oldest city of Moldova turns 600 years old. Local authorities organize different events on this date. Until nowadays logotype of 600th anniversary is ready and the official site is working

Printed output and memorable medals are ready, books of Bender authors dedicated to 600th anniversary are published. In the famous fortress, which gave beginning to the city, will be open exposition hall.

It is expected that more than 1 hundred of guests will come. They will come from such cities as Cavriago, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Voznessensk, Odessa, Chisinau and Tomsk.

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The forum of wine-growers and wine-makers opened in Chisinau

On Thursday in Chisinau there opened 2-day international scientific conference dedicated to wine-making and wine-growing development. It is organized by Academy of Science of Republic of Moldova, National Institute of grapes and wine, state agency “Moldova-Vin” and Union of Wine-makers of the republic.

Famous scientists from Ukraine, Russia, Romania and Moldova take part in the forum.

Within 2 days members of the conference will discuss the problems of the sphere, will share the experience and also will analyze the role of famous Moldovan scientist Petru Ungureanu in the wine-growing development in ex-USSR countries.

Members of the conference will get acquainted with the latest achievements in wine-growing, new grapes invented by Moldovan plant breeders.

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The seventh “Wine Festival” should be held on a high level

Traditional annual Wine Festival has a great importance for Moldova and should be held on a high level. This is what Igor Dodon, Minister of Economics and Trade, declared about on the meeting of state committee for festival organization.

On the meeting the detail of organizing the festival were discussed. Wine Festival 2008 will take place at 11-12 October 2008.

According to the traditions at this period there’s a big spectacular show on the Great National Meeting Square in Chisinau. Different wine companies will present their exhibition stands and topic expositions which will show the latest achievements and production of the companies.

The next Committee meeting takes place at 15 September.

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In Chisinau there will take place Days of Ukrainian Movie

In Chisinau cinema “Odeon” there will take place Days of Ukrainian Movie from 4th till 8th September. These are dedicated to 17th anniversary of Ukraine Independence. The information is provided by Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Republic of Moldova.

In the festival program there are four documental films, six feature films and 2 animation films.

Days of Ukrainian Movie will open at 4th September at 18:30 by the documental film “Picturesque Ukraine”(2001) and feature film “Bogdan-Zinoviy Khmelnitsky”(2006).

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Exhibition of fictile art will take place in the Museum of History and Archaeology

On Saturday there opened Fictile Art Exhibition in the Museum of History and Archaeology. Here will be presented the works by fictile art craftsmen from Austria, Romania, Russia and Moldova. This information was provided by Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Moldova.

Workroom opened at 16th August in the village Palanka, Stefan-Voda district. 15 craftsmen took part in the competition.

The exposition will be open till 6th September.

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In Vadul-lui-Voda recreation season will reopen not earlier than in September

In Vadul-lui-Voda village recreation season will reopen not earlier than in September. This information was provided by Yuriy Onofriychuc, village mayor, on the executive meeting of Chisinau city administration. According to his words, the water went away from the territory of 77 recreation centers. 176 hectares of gardens are completely cleaned from rubbish and mud. Specialists of Civil Protection and Emergency Situations Service started cleaning beaches in Vadul lui Voda village.

According to Anatoliy Croitoru, vice-chief of municipal Civil Protection and Emergency Situations Service, for the first time after flood movement of pedestrians and vehicles is provided on the whole territory of the village. Last week 4 artificial lakes were removed. They were formed during the flood.

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The exhibition of the folk art club “Curcubeul” opens in the Museum of Natural History and Ethnography

The exhibition of the folk art club “Curcubeul” opens in the Museum of Natural History and Ethnography in Chisinau.

About 350 items will be exhibited. They include traditional items of Moldovan folk art, i.e. cloths, Gobelins, knitting, crocheting and lot more. A special interest is attracted by modern embroidery and reproductions of pictures by famous artists such as Leonardo da Vinci and François Boucher made in this technique. This information was provided by art school techer Nicolina Tkachenko.

The exhibition will be closed on 19 August.

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Children from Leova boarding-school came to excursion in Chisinau

Pupil from Leova boarding-school came for excursion to Chisinau. 40 orphans came to the capital city where they for the first time visited famous parks and museums.

Apart from the cultural program going to Entertainment Park “Aventura Parc” was in the program. Children also visited zoo.

At the end of the nice excursion day children were invited to Larisa Savga, Minister of Education and Youth, were they got souvenirs and sweets.

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Now our site supports addon piclens for Firefox3

Everyone knows that the Internet is constantly developing. There appear new opportunities which make web-sites more attractive. We also are developing and we use some of those new appearing opportunities.

That’s why now Firefox3 users who have addon piclens now may have a new look at our photo gallery. This addon makes watching pictures more pleasant and it gives a special feeling of being in the real picture gallery.

We sincerely hope that you will enjoy this novelty and you will stay looking at the wonderful views of Moldova.

Italy will open the Embassy in Moldova at 1st October 2008

Italy will open the Embassy in Moldova at 1st October 2008. The information was provided by Alexei Cracan, the director of Department of State Protocol of Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Europe Integration.

He said that they got the information from Italian representation in Bucharest. And according to that information Embassy of Italia will be open in Moldova at 1st October of current year.

All technical questions, concerned with opening in Chisinau the diplomatic mission of Italy were preliminary discussed at consultations by experts of foreign policy departments of both countries.

The diplomat claims that the stage of technical consultations is successfully finished.

Previously the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Italy, Massimo D'Alema, claimed about opening Italian Embassy in Moldova. He visited our country with business trip in January 2008.

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Painted memories

In the exposition center of Artists’ Union named in after Constantin Brincusi on Tuesday there will open exhibition of Liudmila Zastavnitskaya-Sheremet.

Tudor Braga, the director of expo-center said that Liudmila Zastavnitskaya-Sheremet permanently takes part in all spring and autumn exhibitions which are organized by Artists’ Union. The exhibition which opens tomorrow is the first personal exhibition where will be presented 53 works by artist, mainly landscapes and still-life paintings.

Braga also noticed that Zastavnitskaya-Sheremethas her own modern vision of objects, nature and all things which get into her range of vision. Her color scores are very interesting. They are like to come from those memories which are kept in our memory.

The exhibition will last until 4 August.

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Grain-growers of the republic took already the half of crops harvest

Grain-growers of the republic took already the half of wheat harvest. Wheat is the main culture among small grains which occupies 387 thousand hectares.

Successfully are harvested fields in such regions as Criuleni, Telenesti, Falesti and Glodeni. Here were harvested more than half of the areas. The best indexes are shown in Criuleni region. Here 42 centners are harvested from every hectare.

The average productivity in the republic is 36 centners from one hectare.

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Two thousand children will go to summer camps for free

Two thousand children got the possibility to have a rest in summer camps of the republic for free. That is what Galina Balmos, Minister of Social Protection of Family and Childhood, informed about.

Free trip tickets are given to boys and girls from 6 to 16 years old from different poor families, and also from children’s homes and orphanages.

According to minister, 19 million leus are appropriated for children’s rest. The main sum is aimed for buying tickets; the other funds are aimed to technical and sanitary preparing for hosting children.

Balmos noticed that a big attention is given to children’s safety. That’s why many camps were completely reequipped and provided with the means for first aid.

The season of summer rest will be over on 20 August. During the whole period the Ministry is going to make inspections of children’s camps and sanatoriums of the republic.

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Export of Moldovan wines to EU countries increased

Export of Moldovan wines to EU countries increased to 40 per cent within the first 5 month of 2008 if to compare with the same period of 2007. It amounts more than 10 million US dollars.

In the press relation service of “Moldova-Vin” the said that the biggest importers of Moldovan wine production are economical agents from Poland and Romania. Sales volume to this countries is 3,9 and 2,4 million US dollar. Comparing with the last year the sales volume increased to 84 and 56 per cent.

Significantly grew export supplies to USA, Canada, China and Austria.

Import of Moldovan wined is reopened by Turkey, Congo and South Korea.

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Moldova Road Racing Championship starts in Tiraspol

Annual 2-day national road racing championship starts in Tiraspol on Friday. This information was provided by Cycling Federation.

The championship consists of 2 races: individual race of 30 km and group race of 100 km. 15 bicycle racers in the categories “elite” and sportsmen younger than 23 years will take part in the race. It is one more possibility for them to prepare to Europe championship which takes place from 3 till 7 July in Italy.

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In the center of Chisinau vivarium opened

In Chisinau on the territory of National Museum of nature and Ethnography there opened virarium on Monday.

The director of Museum, Mihail Ursu, told that vivarium is the continuation of the museum exhibition. It is animate nature corner in the city center. Here are presented water plants, forest and prairie flora. Visitors have the possibility to see 80 types of birds, fishes and reptiles from all over the world. Here’s also presented private collection of Society for Preservation of Birds. It contains exotic decorative breeds of birds.

Ursu also noticed that soon the separate exhibition of Moldovan reptiles will open.

Vivarium may be visited on Thursday-Sunday from 10:00 till 17:00. The entrance fee is 10 lei, for students and scholars 5 lei and the entrance is free for preschool children.

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Appearing of the flight “Warsaw – Chisinau” will contribute to developing of mutual intercourse

Moldova and Poland think that the time for introducing direct flight between the capitals of the countries. Such perspective is intended on the meeting of Prime-Minister of Moldova, Zinaida Grechannaya, and Poland Ambassador in Moldova Krzysztof Suprowicz. Interlocutors noted that flight “Chisinau – Warsaw” will contribute to activating of bidirectional communication.

Diplomat claimed that till the summer end businessmen from Poland will come to Moldova with economic mission. They will take place in seminars in Chisinau, Balti, Cahul, will visit Transnistria which takes about one third of Moldovan-Polish sales volume which increased up to 300 million last year.

Grechannaya noticed that Poland is the biggest EU importer of Moldovan wine and renders politic and economic assistance in the EU integration.

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In the Academy of Sciences of Moldova there will take place Moldovan-German symposium

On Monday in the central scientific library of Academy of Sciences of Moldova there’s help symposium “Wine and Ideas” with the help of German researching structures.

In the forum will participate the President of Academy of Sciences of RM – Gheorghe Duca, the President of Leipzig institution of Moldova - Klaus Bohman, general director of state agency “Moldova-Vin” – Iurie Carp.

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Modern sculpture – 2008

On Tuesday in the expo-center named after Constantin Brincusi there opened the exhibition «Modern sculpture – 2008».

On the exhibition there are presented works with different materials: wood, coal clay, marble, metal and even textile. On the exhibition there are sculptures-symbols, sculptures-metaphors, philosophic sculptures and modern sculptures.

Bright, spectacular mythological scenes by Victor Macovei “Europe abduction”, oriental exotics by Sergey Golubev “Anastasias”, “Ra”, “Keeping silence”, works by delicate master Praskovia Popa-Donai “Troy Gates”, “The Troic Horce” – all these works are vivid, fresh, different and really talented.

Visitors of “Modern sculpture - 2008” will not remain indifferent. It will last up to 16th June.

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