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Moldova Info → Contact information is a young and constantly developing site. We add more and more information every day to let our visitors to know more about our small country. Every day new visitors come to our site and their number constantly grows.

We won the competition "Webtop - 2007" in a category "Virtual Moldova". So, we are already recognized in the country! However we are also popular among foreign visitors who want to find information about Moldova in the Internet or to come to our republic.

So, if you want to advertise yourself – our site is the best choice for you!

If you represent tourist agency, hotel, holiday resort or any other organization which is concerned with tourist activity and you like our site you will be happy to collaborate to you. Rules of advertisement positioning:

  • Advertisement is taken to the site regularly
  • Advertisement is taken in any sizes and formats
  • Any suggestions about link or banner exchange are evaluated
  • Site administration may deny to place advertisement without giving any reasons

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Many people in the world have never heard about Moldova. They even wonder that such country exists. Then follow timid wild guesses of its location: Africa! Asia! No? Where it may be? However that happens through no fault of those people. There’s too few information about Moldova in the Internet. So, the time to tell the world about Moldova came!
Moldova is a small country which is situated in the Eastern Europe on 47 N, 29 E.