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Serpeni Foothold

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Serpeni is a memorial complex which is 50 km far from Chisinau, the capital of Moldova. The full title of the complex is «Serpeni foothold». It was constructed on 22 August 2004 on the eve of 60 years of the liberation of the Republic of Moldova from invaders in honor of 12 000 Soviet soldiers who fell before the enemy. The most violent fighting took place near the village Serpeni. Nowadays this complex has historic-national significance for the citizens of the Republic.

Construction of the memorial «Serpeni foothold» started in Soviet times. Nowadays the Complex has 3 main parts. The first one is semiabstract sanctuary which is decorated by marble safe. This sanctuary is situated in the center of the church where there are embossed names of 11 000 heroes who gave their lives on this rood near Dniester (the Memorial lies on the right river bank). In the central part there is eternal light under 2 high pylons which form a cross at the top. This eternal light is there in honor of those brave soldiers who died game while defending the fatherland. Unfortunately this eternal light doesn't burn on weekdays. There also rise the belfry above the picturesque Dniester landscapes. Wizardly wonderful view to nulla of Dniester and neighbor forestry, fields and meadows opens from the viewing point of the memorial. This view spreads over dozens of kilometers up to the skyline. It adds a special daintify to the complex.

Excursion to this land, which resurrects the history and emphasizes beauty of the nature, will not only show tourists the attitude of local population toward ancestors but also allows to visit local farms, that will help to learn more about local culture and traditions.

There are 2 ways from Chisinau, the capital of the Republic of Moldova, to Serpeni. The first one begins from the city region called Botanica, which is situated in the East side of the city. If you choose this way you will pass through the City Gates and the International Airport Chisinau. Then you should follow highway marked R2. You pass such town as Anenii Noi. There’s road junction near the village Bulboaca. Then you should follow pointers which lead you to the memorial complex. This way is 53 km. However there’s another way, which is almost the same length (55 km). The second way starts in the region Ciocana. At the beginning it coincides the way to Vadul-lui-Voda, a picturesque place in Moldova. Here you should follow highway marked M-14. Then you see pointer to the village Speya. You should follow it. And then you see pointers to the complex.

It should also be noticed that the complex is well cared for not only by people who work there but also by those people who come here. Nobody affords to do something wrong here (for instance littering or screaming).

On the memorial territory you may buy memorable informative booklets, brochures and maps in several languages.

From time to time here take place memorable sport events. In those events participate not only sportsmen but also all those who wish.

If you want to feel the Moldavian people commemorate those soldiers who fell in the battles you should come here. You may meet here also people who've participated in World War II. They are really old but they come to this land to remind their friends. When you come to this peaceful and quiet place with a splendid view you understand how awful are wars, how many people die in fighting and how young are those soldiers who are forced to fight.

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