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Magnificence of the nature in Saharna

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Saharna is a village located 110 km to the North from Chisinau. It is known for its Holy Trinity Monastery and magnificent nature. Those who have been here once dream to visit this place again and again... Noise of waterfalls, silence of ages, beauty of the nature and feeling of calmness - that is what attracts here visitors.

The first settlement here is dated back to II century B.C. The monastery here was built at the second half of XVIII century. It is surrounded by rocks which are covered by forest and this place has the feel of calmness. The highest rock is called Grimidon. Every morning inhabitants of the village look at the rock and pronounce the old saying "Grimidon is on its place". This means that everything is fine today. Grimidon is famous for St. Maria footstep which according to the belief is on the top of the rock. The legend says that the monk once saw a shining figure of St. Maria on the top of Grimidon. He went there and saw a footstep. Later chapel was built there. Nowadays pilgrims come here to see this footstep and the place is considered to be holy. 20 monks love in the monastery, which is open for visitors every day.

However not just pilgrims come to this place. Saharna is also famous for its waterfalls. River Saharna has 22 waterfalls on its way. One of the most beautiful is very close to monastery. It falls down from a height of 10 meters. The water forms a deep gulf which is called "Gipsy Hole". This waterfall is very beautiful; however others are not less interesting.

In Saharna you may seat in the shade of the old trees near the waterfall and enjoy the silence of ages. This is one of those places in Moldova which should be visited at least once.

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