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Transportation in the capital of Moldova, Chisinau

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Chisinau is the biggest city in Moldova. So, here live many people who need transport to reach the place they need to be in. In Chisinau there exist several modes of transport: public transport, taxi and private transport.

Public transport includes buses, trolleybuses and jitney . The most widely spread public transport is jitney . There are many routes which interconnect all the parts of the city. Usually it takes just 1-3 minutes until jitney comes. In jitney you should pay 3 Moldovan leys. Trolleybuses are also widely spread in Chisinau. They have not so many routes and it takes longer to wait them. However they are also cheaper. You should pay for ticket 2 leys. Unlike in jitney in trolleybuses you should always be given a ticket. Buses are not widely spread in the capital of Moldova. There are very few routes and it takes ages to wait them. However if you are so patient to wait until the bus comes you should pay 3 leys. Like in trolleybus you should be given a ticket.

Taxis are widely spread in Chisinau. There are different taxi services and it may be difficult to choose. However you should know that the price for the same trip by different taxi services doesn’t differ a lot. The difference is not higher than 10 leys. Usually the price for taxi trip is between 20 and 50 leys. If you come from airport you should take into consideration that airport lies outside the city and the price for taxi may be higher. One more important detail is that taxi is always cheaper if you phone to taxi-office than if you just snag a taxi on the street.

Personal transport is often used by those who need to move from one part of the city to another one for many times during the day. Chisinau is not a big city and it takes maximum 40 minutes to reach the place you need by the car. In the last years number of cars in the city grew. In rush hours there are some jams. In Chisinau nowadays it doesn’t take more than 15 minutes to stay in jam. If you decided that personal car is the best variant for you and you have no possibility to come by car to the city you may use car rental service. There are several companies in Chisinau which offer such service.

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