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Law about legal status of foreign and stateless citizens in the Republic of Moldova

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To start with, any foreign or stateless citizen has a right to leisure and health protection on a common base with the citizens of Republic of Moldova. They also have a right to free movement inside the republic, i.e. they have right to live in the country, to have a rest here, to visit any cultural and entertainment places and to enjoy all the sweets of life in Moldova.

Nevertheless foreign citizens, like citizens of Moldova, are obliged to observe the Constitution and the laws of the Republic of Moldova. In case of legislative acts violation they incur liability as well as the citizens of Moldova.

  • There may be reduced the length of stay in the country for foreign citizens who violate the laws of Republic of Moldova.
  • Foreign citizens may be sent into exile from the country in the cases if entry and stay in the republic are accomplished with the violation of existing legislation and also if their stay in the republic is prejudicial to national safety, public peace, health and morality.
  • Foreign citizens may be delivered to another country only with the reference to multilateral agreement or upon the terms of court's decision.
  • Initiation of proceedings about exilement is accomplished by functionaries of law enforcement agencies on their own responsibility or on the base of intercession of organizations, institutions and enterprises, which provide stay of foreign citizens in the Republic of Moldova. The initiation of proceeding is done with the following notification of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Foreigners have the same rights, liberties and responsibilities as the citizens of Republic of Moldova; they have right to live in the Republic of Moldova with actual identification document.

Foreign and stateless citizens may have dwelling-house or another properties in private ownership (any other real estate or movable property). They may also inherit or devise property, enjoy the rights of author of work of literature, art or science, invention. They also may have personal non-property rights. Besides that, they have the possibility to get education in Moldova and to marry and divorse in the country.

Foreign and stateless citizens don't have right to vote or to be elected to legislative, executive and other elective bodies. They also can't take part in nation-wide voting.

Foreign citizens who came to Moldova for a certain time must have medical insurance for the whole period of stay in the republic.

This information is taken from the “Law about legal status of foreign and stateless citizens in the Republic of Moldova” .

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