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Cahul, the city of

Cahul is a city on the south of the Republic of Moldova on the river Prut on the border with Romania. Cahul is located at 45°55'N, 28°11'E.

For the first time the settlement on the territory of modern Cahul is mentioned at the end of XVI century. However Cahul not always had this name. In the source of 1502 the settlement is referred to as Scheia, in 1716 - as Frumoasa ("frumoasa" is translated from Romanian like "beautiful") and in 1835 the city got the name of Cahul. The name "Cahul" derives from the name of the river Cahul where in 1770 Russian forces won the battle with Turkish army. In 1844 in the 75 jubilee eve of the victory there started construction of the column in honor of those who fought in this battle. Till nowadays the column is standing on the place where the battle was.

Recently the city acquired its own emblem. The emblem represents white nymphea with the flag of the Republic of Moldova as background. Not surprisingly there's white nymphea on the city's emblem. The city is known for sanatorium called "Nufarul Alb" translated from Romanian as "white nymphea". This sanatorium was built in 1978 after discovering a sanative water spring. The water contains much bromine and iodine. People with diseases of cardiovascular and nervous systems, locomotor apparatus diseases and dermatologic problems come here.

In Cahul there also takes place every two years festival "Nufarul Alb". This festival takes place from 1993 at the beginning of July. This is folk festival where groups showing restores or stylized folklore participate. "Nufarul Alb" is a member of C.I.O.F.F. It is not the only festival, taking place in Cahul. Here also take place such festivals as "Bobocelul" and "Friends' faces". "Bobocelul" is translated from Romanian as "nymphea's bud" and this is festival of children's folk dance groups. The first festival "Bobocelul" took place in 1998. "Friends' Faces" was aimed to be a place for meeting for musicians from Cahul but after a certain time it became a republic festival.

If you visit Cahul you should also visit local museum which includes items showing developing of the city. Here you also find the first plan of construction a city according to which Cahul was built. The museum owns the colored original plan designed by Pavel Ivanovich Fedorov. According to traditions of those times the city was built with right wide streets, squares and market-places. The museum also includes collection of Russian arms, equipment and awards which reflect the history of Russian-Turkish wars.

Cahul experienced downswing after USSR dissolution. However nowadays it revives again. There are new buildings constructed, new shops open, new public transport routes appear, monuments are renovated... City gets a new face. Those who have been here few years ago will discover a new city now which lives up to the hilt.

Also you can visit site about Cahul here

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