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Telecommunications in Moldova

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Telecommunications in Moldova are maintained at a very high performance level. Considering the relatively small territory of the country, companies who deal in telecommunications managed to achieve very good coverage, both in terms of cables and wireless communications infrastructure. Thus, stationary telephone networks are present virtually everywhere, cell phone connections are also very consistent, and it is only on a very rare occasion that you might get a message saying : "…out of area". And as far as internet connection is concerned, Moldova is ahead of many western countries by both upload and download speeds, including Germany, Great Britain, France, and United States. If you happen to be touring Moldova, then you will definitely enjoy the WI-FI areas downtown Chisinau, as well as in many cafes and restaurants of the city.

Mobile communications in Moldova are also very well developed. The largest operators are Orange and Moldcell – they hold approximately 90% of the market. Then there is Unite, from the national telecommunications company – Moldtelecom, but this company uses CDMA technology instead of GSM. The quality of the signal is slightly lower but the accessibility is far ahead. For those who love to do things the old-fashioned way there is regular mail. In addition to the above, Moldova has offices of international express delivery services such as FedEx, DHL, UPS, and others.

All modern communication technologies are widely available in Moldova, including mobile, broadband internet, and express deliveries. The coverage of the country is outstanding, so you will be able to reach virtually any number. The country code is 373, and the code of Chisinau is 22.

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Moldova is a small country which is situated in the Eastern Europe on 47 N, 29 E.