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We welcome you to this new site which is entirely dedicated to Moldova, this little and wonderful country in the heart of Europe. All the information you find here is directly from the country and is gathered by the people who grew here and live here for the whole life. This fact determines actuality, uniqueness and reliability of the information.

The site is also a part of Moldova which lives in a virtual space. Here is gathered the information about the country, its people, its future and its history. Here you will find information about little monuments of architecture, wild life preservations and sights as well as about grand and becking hotels of the capital – nice Chisinau.

We will be happy if you find on our site the information you are looking to. If not you may ask us. We will take all our efforts to satisfy your interest. We hope we may help you with planning your trip to Moldova, finding an interesting tour, hotel reservation and lots more. If anything feel free to contact us.

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Many people in the world have never heard about Moldova. They even wonder that such country exists. Then follow timid wild guesses of its location: Africa! Asia! No? Where it may be? However that happens through no fault of those people. There’s too few information about Moldova in the Internet. So, the time to tell the world about Moldova came!
Moldova is a small country which is situated in the Eastern Europe on 47 N, 29 E.