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Old monastery and charming nature in Tipova

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Tipova is a village located 100 km (62.14 miles) to the North far from Chisinau. Tipova is famous for charming nature and the largest cave monasteries in Moldova and In Eastern Europe.

The monastery here was established in the VI century BC. Then for a long time monastery was empty until 1756 when it was reopened. At the beginning just narrow path led to the monastery. Thus monks stayed safe from the enemies. Later, at the end of XVIII century, when the threat of incursions disappear more wide paths leading to the monastery appeared. At that time also cells were enlarged and there was built a church. During the Soviet period the monastery was closed. It again stayed empty and was even destroyed. From 1975 the monastery started to be protected by the state and in 1994 the monastic life restarted here. Nowadays Tipova cave monastery is quite comfortable comparing to other cave monasteries in Moldova. Here the cells even have heating.

There's a legend which says that the greatest ruler in the history of Moldova Stefan the Great (Stefan cel Mare) and his wife Maria Voichita got married in this monastery.

Besides cave monasteries Tipova attracts its visitors by nature. The hills are covered with forests where you may find narrow paths. Here also flows river Dniester and a small rivulet Tipova which forms some waterfalls on its way. Here you are invited to explore the forest, to delight the calmness of Dniester, to enjoy the noise of waterfalls...

According to another legend mythological poet Orpheus spent here his last years, he admired this nature... He was buried near the one of waterfalls. Archeologists found stone hearse which was opened and it is considered that this is the hearse Orpheus was buried in.

Tipova monastery is open for visitors every day. So, nothing stops you from coming here and enjoying your time in this splendid quiet place.

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